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Apple’s Latest Update Decreases Battery Life: iPhone Users

iPhone users who have installed the latest Apple software update, iOS 14.6, have complained of battery drain – sometimes leading to a full charge in just a few hours.

Apple customers have criticized the company’s Community Forum and Twitter this week out of frustration about the May 24 update.

“My battery life on iOS 14.6 is terrible… Is it just me or anyone else experiencing this?” wrote one user.

“After updating iOS 14.5 and 14.6, my device is terrible. For the most part, battery life, but iOS 14 is a total train wreck.”

Many older iPhone owners complain that updates have a negative effect on battery life.

“The situation was so bad that I couldn̵

7;t use my iPhone 7 for two hours and the battery ran out,” one person said.

But the problem reportedly hits Apple’s latest iPhones. “14.6 is draining my iPhone 12 Pro battery……” one user wrote.

Apple typically releases a major software update each fall to apply to new iPhone models.

Another agreed that “You are not alone, ios 14.6 has dramatically reduced the battery life of the iPhone 12 Pro.”

“Come on, Apple, release a fix soon!!!!” another pleaded.

“Hi @Apple new iOS14.6 ruined my battery life. Even with light use, it’s been plugged in for less than 2.5 hours and the battery is halfway through,” tweeted @MrClimaCool.

“@Apple, your update to 14.6 drained my battery. Glad to see you forcing people to buy another phone again. Fix it. #Fail,” wrote @PearlJam2021.

“I started having battery performance issues after the 13.5.1 update last summer. And after the 14.6 update it finally admitted that Apple did not intend to fix this issue for existing phones. and the battery has been replaced Nothing else I’m trying to help. But it seems to work,” tweeted @AcqExp.

Apple responded on Twitter saying, “We can understand that it wants longer battery life. and can help what you see Which iPhone model are you using? If you check Settings > Battery > Battery Health What numbers will be there? Please let us know in DM and we will continue there.”

The iAppleBytes YouTube channel found a “terrible result” in battery performance with the new update. and demonstrate the battery performance in a video test.

Video shows iPhone 7 models running iOS 14.6 due to battery drain. Five die within five hours.

Two of the earliest iPhone SE and iPhone 6S models died within three hours, while the iPhone SE2020 died in just three hours.

“This is the worst battery result I’ve ever seen on my device,” iAppleBytes concluded in the video, posted May 24. “Your experience may vary. But this is not something I’ve seen in Similar scale before Quickly crossed fingers for iOS 14.6.1…”

Apple typically releases major software updates each fall to work with new iPhone models, but releases additional updates throughout the year to provide new features and bug or bug fixes. other

Apple could reveal its next major update at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, which is all scheduled to go live next week.

An Apple representative did not return The Post’s request for comment on the complaint.

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