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Apple’s patent reveals a new system for predicting when your iPhone will battery.

Apple has developed new methods to give users more information about the battery life of their devices, and it looks like the company plans to add even more features to iOS, the US Patent and Trademark Office this week. Provides an Apple patent for a new system that can predict and warn users when an iPhone battery is expected to die.

As stated by Apple InsiderThe patent is described as Instead of helping to preserve internal battery life like some of the iOS features that already do, the new system lets users know how long their battery lasts. Where during the day, considering the most recent use

On current devices, users are only getting warnings about a low battery when it reaches 20%, but the patent shows how to make these notifications more intelligent and personal. While it works well in most situations, Apple does provide examples of instances where users forget to charge their phones overnight and receive a low battery notification before leaving for work.

Often times the indicator “Low battery”

; that meets the constant charging threshold, the remaining charge will not be timely for the user to take corrective action. For example, if users normally charge their smartphones at night. But forgot to do it once, getting a message saying “Low battery” before going to work for the next day will not give the user time to recharge the phone before work.

If you’re a Mac user, you may have noticed that macOS is showing users the estimated battery life. But the patent describes a more complex system. For example, it identifies user behavior on different days of the week to adjust daily battery alerts. The system will operate based on the user’s location as well, but Apple has confirmed that the data will be processed locally due to privacy issues.

With the current state of the computer system charging, energy storage devices, a notification will be sent to the user if there is a high probability that the user is unlikely until the charging time is likely. Get high next time […] However, if an analysis of the current and stored charging status data indicates that the user will not use the next possible charging time without running out of power. It can show instructions in the charging alarm at 10:00 PM, even if the current state of the charge is 10% greater than the remaining power constant threshold.

While it’s not necessary to apply for a patent filed by Apple, the company recently added a new battery calibration tool for iPhone 11 users running iOS 14.5 beta.iOS also shows the maximum capacity of the device’s internal battery, so it’s not surprising. If Apple introduced a feature like this as described in a patent with iOS 15

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