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Apple’s rigorous approach to confidentiality was the focus after Hyundai walked back the Apple Car statement.

Hyundai made a clear statement last week, confirming that it was in talks with Apple about a potential partnership for the Apple Car.Shortly thereafter, the company retracted and released a new statement without mentioning Apple.

This is another example of Apple’s strict confidentiality practices and a new report from CNBC Offers more details on Apple’s strategy.

For reference, this is Hyundai’s first statement about Apple Car:

“We understand that Apple is in discussions with a number of global automakers, including Hyundai Motor. As the debate is still in its early stages, no decisions have been made. ”

A later statement was published shortly after:

“We have received possible cooperation requests from companies regarding the development of self-driving EVs. But no decisions have been made since discussions are in the early stages. ”

The report explains that while non-disclosure agreements are common, Apple̵

7;s guidelines are stricter, referring to “people familiar with the matter”. CNBC It said Apple advised allies not to name Apple in public or in the media.

Apple’s strict confidentiality approach is described as “Many worries to get over” by one of the sources:

Apple told partners that it could not speak to Apple in public or to the media as people familiar with the matter did not want to be identified to avoid the risk of their relationship with Apple, said one person who previously worked with Apple. The confidentiality requirement is that many concerns must be overcome.

The report also pointed out a small piece of information gathered from the bankruptcy proceedings by GT Advanced Technologies.GT Advanced Technologies entered into a deal with Apple to supply sapphire for iPhone screens, but it was eventually declared bankruptcy after an issue. Production

During its bankruptcy proceedings, GT offered a confidential contract that said GT would pay Apple $ 50 million for the leak. The contract represents three separate confidentiality contracts that the sapphire manufacturer has agreed upon.GT also said the terms of the confidentiality agreement must be confidential.

CNBC It added that Apple settled with GT Advanced after the facts and terms of the agreement, that the “description of the relationship with Apple”, would be kept private.

Take’s 9to5Mac

As Apple enters new industries, it will be interesting to see how its approach to confidentiality evolves.

For example, Apple TV + content announcements are not as tightly regulated as other announcements from Apple.We often learn about upcoming TV shows and movies early in the process and learn the details about costs. Apple’s acquisition for specific content

This is likely to be an example of Apple adapting to Hollywood industry norms rather than trying to take the usual approach to confidentiality.

However, the supply chain remains one of the major sources of hardware rumors involving iPhone, iPad, Mac and other hardware products.

Full report CNBC Well worth reading and can be found here.

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