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Are we destroying theaters for this? – / movie

Wonder Woman 1984 Honest Example

Wonder Woman 1984 Arriving in theaters and on HBO Max at Christmas, give great holiday gifts to the fans stranded at home and the big middle finger to the future of cinema. But many people watching Wonder Woman 1

984 It feels like they’re screwed, too, because like this DC Comics sequel’s central desire, it comes with some nasty results. And, as the Wonder Woman 1984 Honest trailer shows, it’s not just using random men as a container for Steve Trevor to fulfill her love and desire for Steve Trevor.

Wonder Woman 1984 Honest Example

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m pretty fun. Wonder Woman 1984 At first look But of course, it’s an increasingly separate sequel after you’ve given time to understand everything. The movie has a whole story, the wishes don’t make much sense, and the final battle between Wonder Woman is absolutely disappointing, with Golden Eagle armor, bargain tanks, and the Jellicle Cat from the deepest. cat Adaptation if armor makes Gal Gadot look like Goldar from Mighty Morphin Power RangersAt least it’s strong, right?

While Wonder Woman 1984 There are features of salvation, ranging from real and hopeful intentions to Richard Donner’s inspired style. Superman: The MovieAfter all, it felt like a sequel to a completely different franchise. Plus, Diana needed to be one of those people who said she wasn’t really a generous TV owner? We can’t wait Wonder Woman 3 That Diana was holding a flip phone and didn’t have a social media account.

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