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Are you crazy ?: Fans lambaste steelers after Penguin’s humiliating semi-finals loss after a bad turn.

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This was one of those moments that I got off the beaten track and let the Steelers fans get it after.

The team just allowed the season to end in an embarrassing and humiliating fashion to the Cleveland Browns over the weekend at 48-37.

People are tired of head coach Mike Tomlin quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. A wide receiver and a defense that fades quickly in the final months of the season.

Oh, and the Penguins lost to Flyers 6-3 during the season opener.

So I will give you a platform for “You̵

7;re crazy brother”, it’s your canvas, man. It’s your blank slate, have at it.

It started with an email from William wanting to tear the iron … wait a minute, something wrong here.

I Celebrated their victory and I am disappointed with their loss. Regardless, I’m just a fan, and I look forward to seeing what they have planned for next year.

“What they can do is get the opportunity to see their young players build their teams in the future, as some players may move on. Hopefully they will be given a good option and replenish their youth, energy and need. Growth.

What … ?? !! Who let this guy into the treehouse?

I mean, he doesn’t know “Are you crazy?” It works? Especially for the edition “Post-Steelers eliminate”?

This is a balanced, thoughtful and straightforward reaction. And such a language will not be accepted in this area!

Seriously, William, I appreciate your email and your measured response. But I can tell you very clearly “what they have planned for the next year”.

Save 6-10

Actually, that might be what they really want.

Let’s go on, Don K. Send me an email and the subject is “Tomlin must go!”

OK. Now… Now… we’re cooking with gas.

Everyone Must go Tomlin always has something to say. But he was not inspired by the team for the performance. He is caretaker He created their team and their actions without discipline. He is totally responsible for the players and their performance. They have been embarrassed and still cannot act like professionals. When will he be responsible for the incompetence of the team? How many more years have to watch him use our team? Nowhere?

Sun that likes more Now we have reached the speed of the game.

Let me answer some of those questions, don.

• When will Tomlin be held accountable when the team is unprepared? Not at all

• How many years will we see Tomlin lead a Steelers? At least one more item And if they re-enter the playoffs at least two

• Is he “totally responsible” for the team’s disciplined actions and disadvantaged play? No, the player should be responsible for himself.

But i will tell you like this I don’t know how wrong Tomlin was for all of that. But I know he can’t stop it.

And that must change If he can’t, there should be someone else.

Jim is going through discussions on whether Tomlin will be fired. He was right to be named instead.

I Hopefully, we’ve read your article on the five best candidates to replace Tomlin because (Art) Rooney II won’t fire Tomlin, how do you write an article? however?”

Jim, I can name you the same as everyone else is talking about. Robert Saleh, Eric Bieniemy, Arthur Smith, Bill Cowher who have come back again, and “name-here” of the people who grew up. In the vicinity of or in Pittsburgh neighborhood

On your point, it’s a waste of time because it won’t happen.

I want to make this point though. There are tons of people in the media and headquarters fans who might be thinking, “You can’t fire Mike Tomlin, who else are you going to find?”

If you hear someone say that, ask them right away in December 2007 they had a clue as to who Tomlin was.

Some people will admit that they didn’t. All others are lying.

Cowher’s replacement will be either Russ Grimm or Ken Whisenhunt or Ron Rivera or Dave Wannstedt on the verge of a halls from Pitt or Changeley on the verge of resurrection.

They met Mike Tomlin once, think about it, they met him three times if you count Cowher and Chuck Noll too.

They can find Mike Tomlin again.

You didn’t think we’d go through this exercise and let quarterback Ben Roethlisberger out of the mix, did you? Take it away, Larry.

see The photograph of Ben sitting on the bench changed after the Browns game was over for me. It reminds me of the iconic image of Giants QB YA Tittle on one knee, bleeding from a wound on his face during a game against the Steelers at Forbes Field.

“It’s time for Ben Love and respect everything you do for a franchise, but it is time. ”

Larry, forget that picture, I’ll use YA Tittle now. Roethlisberger to start 2021

what? Oh oh yeah

When? Oh 2017

You said he was 90 years old? really?!

Don’t care. I stand by my opinion. I bet at least Tittle jumped on a bad snap from Maurkice Pouncey that ran through the head of. Roethlisberger And go into the end zone

This is what I am going to do about Roethlisberger And the situation in his contract, if I were Rooney, I would call Roethlisberger. Go into my office and I’ll say, “Ben, we won’t cut you. But we are not treating any free agent. We are shooting Mike. And we’re replacing him with Todd Haley as head coach.

Now… How is retirement like? Is that something you might be interested in? “

WELCOME! Can’t get past “U mad, bro” without anyone blaming the press. This guy doesn’t like my column on Wednesday.

He thought I was picking JuJu Smith-Schuster. Wide receiver

Your first two allegations, I didn’t. I use the opinion of Smith-Schuster is a lot in context and I don’t “put them” anything.

The third thing? I did that. I “roasted him” but not in this column. I do more in this column. And i don’t regret it

The Wednesday post is more about the team as a whole and less about JuJu’s speech, read it before you get the lippy and close the tweet.That column is 1% about JuJu and 99% about the whole team.

You have one thing right, it’s cool, I like that column. I hate having to write it But needless to say

It’s hockey season now. And the Penguins ‘third period in a 6-3 season opener loss to the Philadelphia Flyer was almost as bad as the Steelers’ first quarter on Sunday.

The newly acquired Mike Matheson inspired his doubts when he came to Pittsburgh. And he spent his life down on the premiere with some problems in preventing the transition and at the end of his own.

Ann-N-N-Oh !!!!! The transition to good, smooth hockey for “U mad, bro?”

I hope all “transitions” will be smooth.

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