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Arizona police officer dies and another wounded after a car stolen by a suspect.

A Pinal County deputy was chasing the vehicle when people in it began firing at the deputy on Thursday around 10pm to be shut down.

The hours-long conflict in North Carolina killed five people, including two sheriff's deputies.

The suspect walked from Chandler onto the freeway and into Gilbert, where he ended up at a Sanford car dealer. He got out into the dealership and stole the vehicle, said Gilbert police spokesman Paul Alaniz.

The suspect then attacked Chandler Police Officer Christopher Farrar and Police Officer Gilbert with the vehicle, Alaniz said.

Officer Farrar, 50, is an 18-year veteran assigned to the K-9 unit, Chandler Police Chief Sean Duggan said at a media briefing.

The suspect was injured and detained after seven officers fired weapons at the suspect, Alaniz said.

Gilbert Police said in a press release the suspect’s injuries were not life threatening.

Later on Friday, the Gilbert Police Department said the wounded was Agent Rico Aranda, who had been with the department since July 2018.Aranda is now in critical condition with a head injury, according to the report. Gilbert Police

“Aranda officials are still in a critical condition. But he was in a good balance and he was showing better, ”the department tweeted.
A runaway murder suspect, Arizona officials at Atlanta airport, is arrested.

Gilbert police reported that three state soldiers sustained non-life-threatening injuries. An employee of one of the car dealerships also suffered minor injuries.

“This is really a very difficult time for our organization, our department, and the entire Chandler community,” Duggan said. “Take a moment and remember the brave men and women out there every day to help. Keep our community safe “

The investigation involved the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, the Chandler Police Department, the Gilbert Police Department and the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Alaniz said.

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