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Arizona’s Maricopa County to Replace All Voting Machines After GOP Review

Maricopa County in Arizona announced Monday it plans to replace all voting machines sent to the state Senate and other officials overseeing the 2020 presidential election results.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has released a response to a May letter from Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs. to which she expressed concern,about the safety and integrity of these machines because of the chain of custody This important security principle has been compromised and election officials don’t know what to do with the machines while under the control of Cyber ​​Ninjas.”

In response, the county told Hobbs that “Share your concerns”

; and added that the committee was aware. “authorized as Arizona’s Chief Electoral Officer to determine what devices are acceptable for use in Arizona elections.”

“Therefore, I am writing to inform you that Maricopa County will not use summoned election equipment in future elections,” Monday’s letter added.

In a press release announcing the decision, the county pledged:Do not use devices that could pose a risk to free and fair elections.”

The announcement came after the Arizona Senate in April acquired a voting machine from Dominion Voting Systems in addition to nearly 2.1 million ballots and voter information from the Nov. 3 election via court-approved summons as part of the election count.

The Arizona Senate has handed a voting machine to Cyber ​​Ninjas, a contracting company, to oversee the review. to check if any device has been hacked or manipulated.

A previous independent investigation, mandated by Maricopa County, found no irregularities or problems with the voting machines or voting scheduling.

The Cyber ​​Ninjas review was spurred by Republicans in the state who expressed concerns about the validity and integrity of the county’s election results. After repeated claims Unconditionally, there was widespread fraud in the 2020 elections in the past. President TrumpDonald Trump, the Senate Democrat, introduced a bill to protect journalists from government surveillance. Trump’s lawyer said New York Attorney It is considering allegations related to employee benefits. Trump hits New York prosecutors As his lawyer disputes the criminal charges, more and his allies

Hobbs Among Democrats and Voting Analysts condemning the ongoing investigation which took much longer than expected Because it was a partisan move based on an unfounded conspiracy theory.

Last month, the State secretary sought to address concerns, particularly about voting machines being monitored and monitored by Cyber ​​Ninjas, which have no prior experience monitoring elections.

CEO of the company, Doug Logan has published conspiracy theories about the 2020 Arizona election in a now-deleted tweet.

According to information from the Arizona Republic Maricopa County is now about halfway through. $6.1 million lease with Dominion Voting Systems for voting machines

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