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Arkansas Destroys Nebraska Become a regional champion

FAYETTEVILLE — Arkansas is in the driver’s seat of its home region.

The top-ranked Razorbacks beat No. 19 Nebraska 5-1 on Saturday night at Baum-Walker Stadium to win their 10th game in a row and advance to the NCAA Fayetteville Regional Championship.

Arkansas (48-10) will play on Sunday at 8pm with the winner of the Sunday afternoon game between Nebraska and NJIT. The Nebraska-NJIT game. It is scheduled to begin at 2 PM.

The Razorbacks will advance to the Super Regional at home with a victory on Sunday night or in a game-winner if needed on Monday. Nebraska or NJIT must win three games in two days to win regional.

NJIT defeated the Northeast 3-2 in the elimination game on Saturday afternoon.

Arkansas used the most reliable tandem throw to handcuff the Cornhuskers, Big Ten champions (32-1

3) starter Patrick Wicklander threw five innings before giving way for Kevin Kopps to get even closer after leading a single by Joe Acker in sixth place

Kopps allowed two singles from Luke Roskam at full count to score Acker, but the Huskers never seriously threatened during Kopps’ four-inning record, the Golden Spikes Award contender, ran for no run, three shots and six hits. to collect for the 11th time

Kopps earned his 11th win on Friday with a two-thirds relief appearance in the innings during the Razorbacks’ 13-8 victory over NJIT.

Wicklander (6-1) won and gave Arkansas five innings to stabilize his ordination after the Razorbacks threw seven pitchers in the opener. Wicklander allowed 1 run and 2 hits, 2 walks and hits. Exit 7 times

Arkansas hit early with Matt Goodhart’s home run at the bottom of the first inning. Goodheart’s 13th home run is the team’s 99th time this season. That broke the home run record in a single season that Arkansas had set in 2018.

The Razorbacks added two runs on the second inning to go ahead 3-0. Braydon Webb’s RBI single scored for Charlie Welch, who separated from the innings, and Kayden Wallace added a sacrificial fly-off at the Jalen Battles plate. with the base packed

Arkansas’ first three runs were charged with Nebraska starter Charlie Hroch (5-3). The right-hander allowed four hits, three walks and six hits on 3 2/3 innings.

The Huskers used the combined six pitchers to hold Arkansas to five shots, but out 10 walked and hit the batter.

The Razorbacks fired two more in the sixth inning without crashing. Fighting over throwing error by Spencer Schwellenbach Nebraska’s shortstop to take the lead in the inning and score as Christian Franklin walked away with packed bases. Wallace scored from the pass by Griffin Everitt, who replaced Roscam behind the saucer. After third baseman Max Anderson left the game with a hamstring injury in the fourth inning.

Roskam replaced Anderson at third base.

Arkansas had a chance to open the game after Robert Moore pulled the team’s fourth walk in the sixth inning to load the bases. Max Schreiber freed Nebraska from the game by capturing hitter Ethan Bates to take on second baseman. in the first field Bates was forced to have Welch form a left-to-right friendship with right-handed Schreiber.


Arkansas 5 Nebraska 1 – FINAL

Kopps made Everitt swing for the first time.

Kops bounced back from 3-0 to let the Chick swing away.

Nesbit scores a goal against Matthews to finish the game.

Arkansas 5 Nebraska 1 – End 8

Smith tried to lay down on the first base line. But it was hard enough for the first bassist to pick it up and tag him.

Franklin looked away.

Moore doubled down on the left field to make the Hogs second runner-up.

Bates strikes looking to end innings.

Arkansas 5 Nebraska 1 – Mid 8

Nesbit came in for the third play and Wallace went to the right pitch, Goodheart was done for the day.

Acker enters the battlefield to begin innings.

Hallmark took center stage before Schwellenbac swung three pitches.

Roskam hit the ball slowly up the first base line. Kopps landed and turned Smith for the third time.

Arkansas 5 Nebraska 1 – End 7th

Opitz came out second for first place.

The fight worked and Webb was hit with a 3-1 pitch and that caused some throwing changes.

Tyler Martin is set to play for the Huskers as he is the sixth pitcher Nebraska uses today.

Schreiber – 0.2IP, 0H, 0R, 1BB, 0K, 17 pitches.

Goodheart crouched for a second.

Wallace flew out in the middle to finish innings.

Arkansas 5 Nebraska 1 – Middle 7th Middle

Jeab started the inning with a double on the right field line.

Kopps bounced back by throwing his fists into the dirt.

The next hitter hits a slow chopper for a battle that charges, fields, and throws out the powder.

Leighton Banjoff hits for Huskers He came to Steele.

Kopps made Banjoff look for a 3-2 pitch to finish innings.

Arkansas 5 Nebraska 1 – End 6th

The fight hits the ball on the ground between the shortstop and third baseman. The shortstop field threw, but the first baseman couldn’t handle the throw and the battle reached an error.

Webb swung aside. And Goodhart lunged into a line that slashed out of the right fielder. Instead, he flew out and was caught.

Wallace walked on four fields to summon Smith and Nebraska to the paddock again.

Olson – 1.1IP, 0H, 0R, 2BB, 2K, 27 pitches

Jake Bunz enters the field for the Huskers.

Smith took out the full amount of fastballs to fill the base.

Franklin walked on four pitches and the Boars led 4-1.

The next pitch was away from the catcher and Wallace came in to score.

Moore walked in full count, and that would be Bunz’s as he sat down amid Hogg’s loud call.

Bunz – 0.0IP, 0K, 0R, 3BB, 0K, 16 pitches

Max Schreiber on the field

Ethan Bates Attacks Arkansas

Bates swings on the first pitch he sees. and stand second to finish innings.

Arkansas 3 Nebraska 1 – Middle 6th Middle

Acker solo goes to zero to start innings.

Patrick Wicklander’s days are over and Kevin Kopps is set to replace the Razorbacks.

Wicklander – 5.0IP, 2H, 0R, 2BB, 7K, 92 pitches

Kopps hit the first ball he saw.

The next batter went straight to Smith in third place, runners-up to second place.

Roskam singles to the left and scores Acker. Webb appears to have pulled the ball cleanly out of the glove to throw the ball home.

The next batter will go out into the middle of the fight to finish innings.

Arkansas 3 Nebraska 0 – End 5th End

Smith came in second to start innings. The ball seems to have penetrated the hole between the first and the second. But the second baseman slipped his feet first and stopped brilliantly and threw to catch Smith.

Franklin walked, and that was for Wynn.

Wynne – 0.2IP, 0H, 0R, 1BB, 0K, 19 pitch pitch

Emmett Olson set to play for Nebraska

Moore flew off to the left and Welch went on four pitches to feed Opitz with two deeps.

Opitz swings the ball very fast to finish innings.

Arkansas 3 Nebraska 0 – Mid 5

Wicklander organizes the Huskers again.

He made two strikes and lined up for the fifth battle. He almost looked like he was getting better as the game continued. Kopps was warming up in the cow paddock. But he stopped throwing when Hogs hit the fifth.

Arkansas 3 Nebraska 0 – End 4th End

Luke Roscam holds in third for the Huskers in place of Anderson.

Casey Opitz started inning with one hopper back to the pitching pitcher and tossed first for the first out.

The fight was followed by a swing out.

Webb accesses the error by third base Roscam. The ball just went under his glove, Goodheart followed by a single to center that moved Webb to third. And that will belong to Hroch.

Cam Wynne set to play for Nebraska

Hroch – 3.2IP, 4H, 3R, 3ER, 3BB, 6K, 84 tracks if the base runner scores. They wouldn’t oppose him because innings should have ended due to an error.

Wallace made the third round to finish the innings.

Arkansas 3 Nebraska 0 – Middle 4th Middle

Wicklander leaves for his fourth job. He was allowed one hit, but he threw 65 times. Nebraska made 14 fouls tonight, including eight in the third inning.

10 1-2-3 throwing innings were what the Razorbacks needed from Wicklander as he received a flyout to the right and two groundouts to Moore to end the inning.

Arkansas 3 Nebraska 0 – End 3rd End

Franklin looked away. Moore emerges briefly and Welch goes down to check the swing to finish the innings. That was the first time Arkansas had accomplished tonight.

Arkansas 3 Nebraska 0 – Middle 3rd Middle

Wicklander dropped Inning’s first two hits through a strike. His third and fourth time in the game.

He continued walking. Wicklander vs. Schwellenbach to finish inning Wicklander has thrown 65 pitches tonight, something to keep an eye on as the game progresses.

Arkansas 3 Nebraska 0 – End 2nd End

Welch led the occasion with a single and Opitz was followed by a walkout.

The battle proceeded with a 3-2 count to summon Webb.

Webb plays solo on the right-hand side. Welch returned to score and the Hawks led 2-0 to prompt a visit from the Huskers.

Goodheart walked over to load Wallace’s base.

Wallace dashed to the left, was caught, but Battles scored to extend Arkansas’ lead.

Smith hit the ball in the middle. but was caught with the third child

Arkansas 1 Nebraska 0 – Middle 2nd Middle

The first batter flew out to the left before Chick surged up the middle for the first hit in Nebraska.

The high fastball was thrown and missed the second stroke.

Hagge went out to Moore in the second to finish the inning.

Arkansas 1 Nebraska 0 – Finished 1

Matt Goodhart led 2-1 and placed it above the left-center fence to give the Razorbacks a 1-0 lead early in the game.

Wallace walked over to hand over the base to the Hogs, with no one coming out.

Smith threw away. Franklin fouled from the front foot 3-2 and he fell to the ground. He jumped back up after a minute and then made a third strike.

Moore fires flames to the left. but it hangs in the wind and the left fielder caught it to finish the innings.

Arkansas 0 Nebraska 0 – Middlefield 1

Wicklander is allowed to walk in two directions. But that’s the first time

He registered his strike, flew to the right, and flew to the middle to finish the inning.



R.F. Joe Acker

CF Jaxon Hallmark

SS Spencer lying on his back

Sea Luke Roscam

3B Max Anderson

DH Cam Chick

2B Bryce Matthews

LF Mojo Hagge

1B Steep Jack

P Chance Hippo


RF Matt Goodheart

3B Kayden Wallace

1B Cullen Smith

CF Christian Franklin

2B Robert Moore

DH Charlie Welch

C Casey Opitz

SS Jalen Battles

LF Bradon Webb

P Patrick Wicklander


No team is eliminated this Saturday. The winners will advance to the regional championships on Sunday night. The losers will play Sunday afternoon in the elimination game against the winners of Saturday’s game between the Northeast and NJIT.

Nebraska won the Big Ten regular-season championship with a 31-12 record against just one opponent in the Conference. The Cornhuskers were the Big Ten’s automatic qualifiers for the NCAA tournament as the conference did not host the event. this year

Nebraska won 8-6 in the Northeast in the regional open on Friday night.

Arkansas beat NJIT 13-8 in the regional open on Friday afternoon.

Arkansas (three runs) and Nebraska (four runs) overcame their first regional early game deficits.

Nebraska coach Will Bolt started four years and captained two years as a player for the Cornhuskers under Arkansas coach Dave Van Horn. Van Horn coached Nebraska from 1998-2002 as a player. Bolt developed the nickname “Little DVH” due to its resemblance to Van Horn.

Nebraska is under contract to play two games in Arkansas in March, but the Huskers cannot play those games when the Big Ten go to a specific meeting schedule for the 2021 season.

Arkansas is the SEC’s all-season and competitive champion.

The status of Arkansas first baseman Brady Slavens (ankle) is unknown for Saturday’s game. Slavens ran on the field without a boot before Friday’s game.

Arkansas infielder Cullen Smith has made four of the last five games. Smith hit his 10th home run on Friday to become the sixth Razorbacks player to reach home. Double-digit alumni this year

Arkansas hit five home runs on Friday to bring the season’s total to 98, which tied the Razorbacks’ 2018 team for the most home runs in a single season.

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