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Arkansas tickets that add restrictions to the voting process go to the governor’s table.

One of the more controversial bills dubbed the “No water bottles for voters” by opponents will forbid people from entering the peripheral areas of polling stations unless they vote – giving voters food or water to be a crime in the polls. In some cases, another measure prohibits employees from sending unsolicited voting ballots to voters, while one would impose strict signature matching requirements for postal ballots. Jersey

Republican office Asahutchinson told CNN on Wednesday he was reviewing the measure.

A new count by New York University’s left-leaning Brennan Center for Justice found that 361
notes with voting restrictions were introduced in 47 states as of March 24, as other state legislature works to limit it. Access to a ballot

Voting rights activists said the bills had additional barriers to voting that would disproportionately affect low-income and disabled people and voters of color.

“What we see in Arkansas is abusing the right to vote since the most dangerous Jim Crow era,” said Holly Dickson, ACLU Executive Director of Arkansas. But it only made voting harder. But it also makes it easier for partisan politicians to interfere with local electoral administrators, which can harm democracy. They ”

“We urge Governor Hutchinson to listen to the concerns Arkansas residents address on the political spectrum and veto these anti-voter bills,” Dickson said.

In Arkansas, additional measures remain to restrict access to ballot papers that are moving through both chambers and a number of others that will improve voting access.

Kim Hammers. The Republican Senator, one of the main supporters of the measure, told CNN on Wednesday that the bill was about It was “protecting the integrity of the vote” and was not up to the loss of former President Donald Trump in November. Of voter fraud that led to a Jan.6 riots in U.S. government agencies.

“These are taken from real examples that have taken place here in the state,” said Hammer, pointing to the November state race, in which the Democrats’ lawmakers filed a lawsuit against the state. Contested that errors in the broken ballot count by local officials made him Losses to freshman Republican lawmakers The legal challenge against the loss was finally canceled.

Hammer said he expected Hutchinson to approve the bill, noting that the legislature was working with local electoral officials to draft the measure.

“I see no reason why the governor has not signed them because of their collaborative efforts to continue these charges,” he added.

The bill changes absenteeism and the manual voting process.

Senate Bill 486, whose opposition called the Bill. “No water bottles for voters” were sent out from the Arkansas parliament Tuesday afternoon with a 74-23 vote, barring anyone within 100 feet of the polling place while the vote was in progress, unless they were. To enter or leave the building for “Lawful purposes” such as voting

Opponents of the food and water ban say it is similar to the conflicting part of Georgia’s new voting law, which makes it a crime for anyone sending food and water to elections within that region. The Arkansas bill said it was about an election defense that was banned within that 100 feet range.

Additionally, the Arkansas Senate last Tuesday passed House Bill 1715 along the party line. The bill would prohibit employees from sending unsolicited ballots to voters. It also requires clerks to recruit district election commissioners along with the number of missed applications received every day.

HB1715 must have voter signature on the missing ballot and application to match their signature from the original registration application. The bill states that voters’ signatures on a voting application do not match their registration signatures. “District clerks must not hand out ballots to voters.” Critics note that signatures often change over time due to age, injury and other factors, and that the designation matches the original signature. This may cause a ballot to be thrown or a voter may not be able to receive a ballot.

The House also passed on Tuesday in Senate Bill 487, 87-2, the measure would remove the authority of district clerks to set up voting centers and instead give the district electoral committee power.

This story has been updated to include more details on the HB1715 and answers from the office of Gov. Asa Hutchinson and from Sen. Kim Hammer.

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