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Armed men encircle luxury resort in Hawaii, lead to conflict with police

Honolulu – An armed man who blocked himself inside a hotel room at a Honolulu resort and fired a gun through the door, remained in opposition to police on Sunday morning.

No one was injured in the gunshot late Saturday at The Kahala Hotel & Resort, Honolulu Police Lieutenant General Brian Lynch told the news agency. The luxury resort said in a statement that hotel security and law enforcement evacuated the area around the room.

“Everyone’s responsible,” Lynch said.

Police said a gun was fired at about 6 p.m., the hotel security officer went up to the room where the man was and knocked on the door. He then shot through the door multiple times, police said.

Officials have not released any details about the events leading up to the termination. The police believed the man was a soldier.

Pictures and videos shared by local media show around 1

00 people being trapped in the hotel’s ballroom. Displaced guests are provided with food, blankets and pillows. Hours after the conflict began, guests at the on-site shelter were allowed to leave.

Pictures from outside the resort showed a number of police, including the SWAT.

Kahala resident Yevgeniy Lendel told Hawaii News he was walking in the area when officials rushed to the scene.

“The police told everyone to run away,” he told the television station. “We escaped from the hotel.”

A conflict arose during what appeared to be a quiet evening at the resort. Tourists and locals alike dining at beachside restaurants and sightseeing.

Honolulu resident Rex Jakobovits said he was taking a walk on the beach when prompted by police to enter the hotel ballroom, he told Hawaii News Now that when he got inside, people were horrified, some crying.

However, Giacobovits said the mood was finally calmed after officials were posted outside the door.

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