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‘Army Of The Dead’ draws 72 million households Reigns as one of Netflix’s most watched movies – Deadline

privilege: Netflix has another feature in the hands of Zack Snyder’s. Army of the dead It’s about to become one of the top 10 most watched movies of streamers. 72M Look at households for the first four weeks.

Army of the deadIt will show the streamer’s widest range of plays in 600 theaters before it opened on Friday, May 21, in relation to George Clooney’s films. night sky It’s the 9th most watched feature on Netflix, the #1 zombie movie in over 70 countries and top movies in 90+ countries.

We have to give Netflix credit: at a time when streamers like Disney+, Hulu, Amazon, and HBO Max are defending their audience numbers, Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos lead the entertainment company, and Scott Stuber lead the movie studio. revealing results about the success of movies and television series That information lets content creators know if they are definitely hit or miss. HBO Max has never reported any viewing results in 4 hours plus. Justice League: Snyder Cut, However, third-party streaming company Samba TV, which only monitors terrestrial smart TV viewers, watches 1.8 million households in the United States. (Which watch at least 5 minutes) for the DC movie during its premiere March 18-21.

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Army of the dead Follow the aftermath of the Las Vegas zombie apocalypse and a group of mercenaries enter the quarantine zone for a massive heist. The photo features a number of international performers, including Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Ana De La Reguera, Theo Rossi, Huma Qureshi, Omari Hardwick, Tig Notaro, Hiroyuki Sanada, Garret Dillahunt, Matthias Schweighöfer, Raúl Castillo, Nora Arnezeder and Samantha winning.

‘Army of the Dead’ Review

Here are the top 10 most watched movies on Netflix:

1. extraction – 99 million
2. bird box – 89 million
3. Spencer’s Secret – 85 million
4. 6 underground – 83 million
5. murder mystery – 83 million
6. old guard – 78 million
7. Enola Holmes – 76 million
8. project power – 75 million
9. (tie) night sky and Army of the dead – 72 million

Seeing the success ahead, Netflix has already turned the green light. Army of the dead The prequel directed and stars Schwefer, who will follow him. Army of the dead Ludwig Dieter character, a figure to be released later this year, Shay Hatten, one of the screenwriters for Army of the dead, write a prequel like the upcoming anime series This image will be produced by Deborah Snyder, Snyder and Wesley Coller from The Stone Quarry and Schweighöfer and Dan Maag from Pantaleon Films anime series, Army of the Dead: Lost VegasRecord the origin story of Scott of Bautista and his rescue team during the first Vegas fall. when they face the mysterious source of the zombie outbreak. Snyder will direct a two-episode anime series. Jay Oliva is currently acting and directing a two-episode series. The series will be produced by Deborah Snyder, Snyder, Wesley Coller from The Stone Quarry, along with Jay Olivia and Shay Hatten De la Reguera, Notaro, Hardwick and Purnell will reprise their roles in the anime.

Netflix Completely Failed To Make Army of the dead global event They released an interactive Twitch-enabled trailer where fans had to crack the code hidden within the video surveillance surrounding the vault and floor in Bly Casino’s photo. Interactive Q&A with Snyder

Additionally, Netflix has created a 30-minute BTS special. building the army of the dead, that delves into the making of zombie heist movies

Netflix Film Club YouTube Begins Publishing Snyder SchoolThe four-part series opened the door to Snyder’s filmmaking process.

Zombie fans around the world have taken over the internet (22 million retweets/likes from 17,000 original tweets) and helped unlock a massive vault where streamers buried in the desert to reveal the first 15 minutes of the film. Catch – 15 minutes of Army of the dead It will be available for 32 hours only. It’s a nod to how long Bautista and his crew had to break into zombie-infested Las Vegas to retrieve the $200 million that sat in a vault beneath the strip before the city was bombed.

Army of the dead


Army of the dead There is a live event domination with zombies invading WWE Wrestlemania Backlash. UFC Hall of Famer Forrest Griffin also takes on zombies in Forrest Griffin vs. Army of the dead

Netflix underscored the film’s car culture by partnering with Los Angeles-based Latino artist Mister Cartoon and West Coast Customs to create a custom “zombie lowrider.”

Netflix has partnered with liquid death brand and created a new wearable ad for “No Brainer,” which is said to help hide your warm brain from zombies.

There’s even a mobile VR experience set to debut this summer. Long Live The Vengeance This allows fans to immerse themselves in the battle against hordes of zombies invading the Las Vegas Strip.

Army of the dead

Army of the Dead. A new ad test featuring a 3D zombie tiger emerges from the Piccadilly Lights screen in Piccadilly Circus to mark the release of director Zack Snyder’s new film.

when it comes to the global push for army of death, The bright lights of Las Vegas are displayed in full swing in colorful neon billboards and mainstream artwork scattered across various offshore territories. as well as interactive murals such as those in Leipzig and Hamburg, Germany, where bystanders can spin the slots. There’s a lifelike zombie zone that mimics parts of the movie that take place in Mexico. United Kingdom, Poland and Spain. The Zombie Tiger also makes stops in New York, Seoul, Bogota and London.

army of death, In the week leading up to the drop on Netflix, which opens May 14 and plays at Cinemark, the No. 3 US circuit includes Harkins, Alamo, Marcus, Cinepolis, Marcus and iPic, as well as streamers in theaters. Paris in New York Army of the dead Also released in Spain, Snyder performed an in-theater Q&A, which aired in theaters in the United States, Japan and Australia, although Netflix did not report box office earnings. But industry estimates calculate that the opening weekend was just north of $800K.

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