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Army veteran Jeremy Hunt speaks off as ‘woke up’ in the Army: ‘So troubling’

Jeremy Hunt, an Army veteran and a West Point graduate, sounds like a “wake-up ideology” that is spreading in the U.S. military. What the army needs is people “refusing to shut up” and opposing leftist politics He also reacted to agents. Dan Crenshawof R-Texas and Sen. Tom CottonR-Ark. New Whistleblowing Form For Service Members To Prevent “Falling” Into Awakening Culture

AINSLEY EARHARDT: Jeremy commented on a tweet from Congress about a congressman’s tweet. and incitement in the army

JEREMY HUNT: Overall, I applaud Sen. Cotton and Agent Crenshaw for speaking out against what̵

7;s happening in the military right now. i mean If you want to support the army now All we need is someone who refuses to shut up. When it comes to the concerns of the servants

Because the problem is, of course, that many people are on duty. afraid that you will lose your job As we saw a few weeks ago. And what they do is provide a means – an anonymous way – of people able to share what is happening in a way that will hopefully bring some change. On the other hand, this is very troubling.

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the idea that they received a lot of messages from their respective service members. They need to provide a whistleblowing form. Obviously we live in a dark time…

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