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Arrested for an agency riot: Man pictured with a firefighter Alliance flag accused of throwing a fire extinguisher

Kevin Seefried, who was photographed holding a Confederate flag inside town hall, turned to officials in Wilmington, Del., On Thursday morning, according to FBI spokeswoman Joy Jiras. He and his son, Hunter Sefried, were charged with harassment. And behave in a disorderly manner Hunter Sefried was also accused of vandalizing property.

Hunter Ehmke, of California, was charged with being one of the first to attempt to raid the U.S. agency during last week’s riots, according to court documents.

The fire extinguishing incident was recorded in two videos widely circulated outside the U.S. Capitol at Lower West Terrace.U.S. Police Officer Brian D.Sicknick, who died from the riot, was injured in the incident. Separate

In the bill, the FBI said an adviser in Pennsylvania called on Tuesday, saying that Sanford, who had been a friend for years, “pleaded guilty to the complaint”

;. He’s the person the FBI is looking for ”about the video showing a man wearing. Hats, socks, dark jackets, Scottish shirts and backpacks throwing things at a group of officers.

The state police officer was put on a helmet, what he saw later was a fire extinguisher, the FBI said. Staff were assessed at the hospital and cleared to return to their duties. The devices also ricocheted two more, the FBI said in its billing credentials.

The adviser said Sanford told them he was traveling by bus with a group to Washington, listening to President Trump’s speech, “then obeying the president’s orders and going to the agency. State, ”according to the FBI.

Sanford said the group left the town hall area after about 10 minutes and didn’t mention any tosses. But acknowledged he was a man wearing a hat with the initials of the CFD, experts said, according to FBI agent Samad D.Shahrani.

Sanford recently retired from the Chester Fire Department, the agent said, and the complainant identified him in a video to the FBI.

The FBI said it also received an anonymous tip indicating that the other person was the thrower. But the Illinois resident did not show up on flights appearing in the Washington area, and his license plate was recorded on DC records at the time.

“I’m just shocked,” said retired Chester Battalion Chief Charles E. Hopkins Jr., “that’s totally unique to him,” he described Sanford as “a quiet man. He added, “If you didn’t work with him, you wouldn’t know he was there.”

In a statement, Mayor Chester Thaddeus Kirkland said Sanford joined the department in 1994, retired in February and was not a current employee.

“While our First Amendment outlines the right to free speech and peaceful assembly, the action of the DC riots last week depends on the nature of terrorism in the country.” Kirkland added, “As a result, if any individual, whether current or former employee or resident, is confirmed to attend last week’s event at City Hall, we hope that the legal system. Our people will work on their objectives and bring them to justice. ”

Kevin and Hunter Siegfried were identified as among the first to raid the government office after a colleague called the FBI to report the young man bragging about his father’s riots. Of him according to court records In an interview, officials said Kevin C. Friede admitted to being the man taking a picture with the Confederate flag, usually hanging outside of his home in Delaware.

The men entered the Senate building through a shattered window at about 2:13 p.m. with a group of helmets captured in a widely shared video, FBI Special Agent Katherine Pattillo said in the affidavit.

According to court records, Kevin Seefried said the two came to Trump’s speech, then marched to the town hall led by a bull horned figure. He also insisted that because his son was wearing gloves, Hunter Seifried was asked by a stranger to drill glass from the town hall complex’s windows after others were smashed with a 2×4 plank, causing the rioters to enter. Said the FBI.

The testimony from Capitol Police Special Agent James Soltes on Ehmke’s case provides a picture of the disturbing officer confronted. A Fluke official, while struggling to stop a mob on the east side of City Hall around 2:15 p.m., told Soltes he saw Ehmke on a shelf to get others to join him.

“They’ll break windows,” shouted Fluke. He then left the line and ran to Ehmke according to the credentials. He used a riot shield to push Ehmke from the shelf, he said, making them fall into the shard. About 10 officers have built new rows at the windows to prevent large crowds from passing through. Em Ke was handcuffed.

But the crowd “started acting aggressively” and threatened the officer, “You’re not going with him,” Soltes wrote the proposal, trying to radio for advice, but “was unable to hear clearly or was unable to broadcast because USCP agents called for another service. So they let Ehmke leave after taking pictures of him and the window and seizing his driver’s license and advising him that they would ask for an arrest warrant.

The Justice Department and the FBI carried out a nationwide hunt in government agency violations on Jan. 6. By Trump supporters, during which time a woman was fatally shot by police and the officer died after being injured..

Prosecutors have called one of the largest investigations the FBI has ever run, leading to charges of more than 70 people and the identification of 170 suspects to date.

Additionally, on Thursday, a New York man who was said to drive to the Washington area from that state to attend a protest was denied a second bail by the Arlington Circuit court.

Moses Geri, 38, from Weedsport, New York, was arrested on Jan. 1 after allegedly arguing with other guests at the Rosslyn hotel, then fired a gun outside. He carries more than 800 ammunition, including white phosphorus and armor-piercing shells, according to prosecutors.

Also in criminal charges and misconduct was Christine Marie Priola of Willoughby, Ohio, accused by the US Marshal of the person who was photographed wearing a jacket. A red jacket and blue “MAGA” pants and holding a banner labeled “Children cry for justice” and apparently a photograph of the rioters in the chair of Vice President Pence on the Senate stage. And Pete Harding of Buffalo, allegedly photographed by trying to set up news media equipment and taking video credit for attending a town hall mob, which he said was organized by “Marching Patriots”.

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