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As the world is desperate for a COVID vaccine, the United States has to take tens of millions of times the unused drug.

Despite offering lottery prizes, theme park tickets and even some cool cash, unvaccinated Americans left tens of millions of unused doses for COVID-19 on it. Shelf

Federal officials told the governor earlier this week as many as 53 million doses are still waiting for orders by the state, a large number depending on the type of vaccine it will provide. Antivirus protection for 25 million people

The federal surplus goes beyond the unknown amount of vaccine waiting arms at vaccination sites and pharmacies in states such as Wyoming, Idaho, Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama with the lowest vaccination rates.

7;s poorest countries are still waiting for a vaccine to protect their health care workers and their elderly, with just 0.3% of the vaccine provided to low-income countries.

“We currently have a shareable item that we are concerned about expiring,” Arkansas GOP Asahutchinson told the White House by phone with the other governors on Tuesday, ABC News received the voice. Private call

Biden’s management insists that volumes wasted in the US are very low and that most of the supply is not at risk of expiration. But the idea of ​​increasing excess vaccine is a new problem for the White House, which took over when supply was scarce and the federal government had yet to buy enough vaccines for all Americans.Now, nearly 60 percent of Americans are eligible for one shot. The timing of those shots has been halved over the past six weeks to 1.7 million per day.

Meanwhile, a global pandemic raises concerns about a new viral mutation that could weaken the effectiveness of the vaccine and put vaccinated Americans at risk.

“We’re going to have this embarrassing cumulative surplus,” said Stephen Morrison, director of the Center for Global Health Policy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Morrison, who estimates up to 30 percent of Americans will reject all vaccines, said the main concern for the Biden team is to ensure the US recovery is “durable” before supply changes.

“At the same time we have wildfires raging beyond our limits that they have to deal with or they will come back and devour us,” he said.

Biden’s administration has pledged $ 4 billion to Covax, a global vaccination effort, and pledged to donate 20 million doses of the vaccine available in the United States by the end of June, a fraction of the 800 million. The US states that it was purchased from Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. The administration also plans to export 60 million doses of AstraZeneca, the vaccine used overseas. But not yet accredited by US regulators.

When asked about the surplus, Andy Slavitt, the president’s top adviser on the COVID-19 federal response, said the administration was working to But he signaled that the primary focus for now remains to immunize all Americans through mobile clinics and vaccinate people at malls and restaurants. school

In addition, the United States needs a large number of vaccines it plans to buy to develop immunization and immunization vaccines for children 11 and older when they are eligible.

“The first objective and great hope,” Slavitt told reporters on Tuesday was. “The people of this country have used all the volumes that we provide, and obviously … is our path to better health and back to normal.”

If Americans hold back the question of what to do with the US vaccine riches, it tends to be louder and louder.

World Health Organization head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus this month called the global imbalance. He called on wealthy countries to donate doses instead of vaccinating children and adolescents because of the relatively low risk.

Arthur Caplan, who runs the ethics and vaccine policy program at NYU’s Grossman School of Medicine, said it is not wrong for a country to vaccinate their residents before traveling abroad. The US cannot help others if it is stuck in the epidemic, and it makes sense to prevent teenagers from spreading the virus.

Also complicated is that the Covax international vaccine program has been stumbled by too much reliance on India, the country that consumes its own COVID outbreak now, to produce vaccines for the world.

“It is not enough to issue an announcement from Geneva saying, ‘Send us all your vaccines and we’ll distribute them,’ ‘he said. “I want to hear: What are the rules, who do you prioritize and how will you enforce them?”

But Caplan agrees that the rising U.S. surplus is a challenge. He predicts that America’s businesses and schools will eventually set regulations when the vaccine is fully licensed by federal regulators.

“The worst thing we can do is not get a vaccine before it expires,” Caplan said.

For their part, the governors are still trying to persuade their residents to receive a unique form of the American vaccine: high-value sweepstakes, college scholarships, game tickets and other swings. Any

In Maine, Democratic government Janet Mills seeks to boost vaccination and state branding at the same time by offering fishing and hunting licenses, local sports game tickets and gift cards to the state’s flagship store, L.L. Bean. North Carolina offers A $ 25 “summer cash card” is given to first-time drug recipients, including those who drove there.

But even if those efforts seem to have stopped and the governor may need to increase in numbers over time.

“The taller we go up, the steeper it gets,” Cuomo told the White House.

ABC News’ Cheyenne Haslett and Brian Hartman contributed to this report.

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