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Assassin’s Creed Creator Reveals Why It’s Not A Stealth Series Anymore

The creator Assassin’s CreedPatrice Desilets, who is no longer working on this series, is not a fan of the franchise that is in 2021, noting that “unfortunately” more modern games are far from the series’ stealthy roots. More and more, the open world hack-and-slash RPG structure, as you might expect, is pretty trendy now. While it was revealed that he wasn’t a huge fan of what Ubisoft made, Desilets noted that he understood why it happened.

When it comes to this, Desilets points out what many of us already know about the AAA area: Nobody dares to take the risk. Why isn’t anyone taking the risk? Because the money involved. The more money involved in developing the game, the less likely those banks are, the game will be greenlighted to the developer at risk. And while this misfortune is understandable

That being said, by injecting some insight into this observation, Desilets also revealed that the social hacking, which the first game was famous for, was really hard to do, and it would become more and more difficult as the game̵

7;s development progressed, which it might sound like. It doesn’t seem easy to understand, but it makes sense when the creator Assassin’s Creed Break it down

“Because it was difficult,” Desilets said when PC Gamer asked why the series changed from social hacking and stealth in general. “It’s hard to make you believe this, it’s hard to show the crowd and make sure the players are hiding. AAA is accurate in character form and crowd rendering.

“But I still think it’s interesting, it’s new and different, and it’s not easy to do. But maybe it’s left for something more modern. You said AAA and AAA. It’s men’s money. It costs a lot to do. Be sure a lot of people will appreciate it, that’s why I guess people say. ‘We’ll do some hacking and slashing and the NPC will be there. But it won’t be the main part, ‘which is, unfortunately, we have something. “

follow Walhalla, Odysseyand Origins All of which has almost no DNA of the old version Assassin’s Creed Games – Multiplayer calls for Ubisoft to come out for the direction of this series and want games like the first few games in the franchise. However, all three of these modern models are selling very well, so there shouldn’t be any changes to what they are doing.

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