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Astronomers discover new planet with important resemblance to Earth

Discovering exoplanets used to be just a dream for scientists. But new telescope technology and advanced observation techniques have made it easier than ever to find planets outside our solar system. in fact Many new exoplanets are discovered today. Scientists have to pick and choose which planets are most in need of study. because there weren̵

7;t enough eyes to move around

Now an international team of astronomers and other scientists Numerous numbers have revealed particularly interesting exoplanet discoveries that are sure to get a lot of attention. It’s called TOI-1231b, and it orbits a star much cooler than our sun. The star, NLTT 24399, is a red dwarf. Therefore, although TOI-1231b is closer to its star than the Earth’s approach to the Sun, the planet actually has a similar temperature. And it is expected that there will be a strong atmosphere that guarantees future studies.

This planet is called “Sub-Neptune,” which means it is smaller than Neptune but larger than Earth. It is believed that it is not believed to be primarily a rocky world. Therefore, it is not considered a super-earth. But the atmosphere still provides useful information for scientists.

“TOI 1231b’s low density indicates that it is surrounded by a concrete atmosphere rather than a rocky planet. But the composition and extent of this atmosphere is unknown,” co-author Diana Dragomir said in a statement. “TOI1231b may have a large hydrogen or hydrogen-helium atmosphere. or has a denser atmosphere These will point to different origins. This helps astronomers understand how planets form around M dwarfs differ from planets around our Sun, for example. Our upcoming HST observations will begin to answer these questions, and JWST promises that we will look. Take a closer look at the planet’s atmosphere.”

TOI-1231b is found in part due to the size of the star. looking deep into space Scientists have found that it is much easier to observe planets orbiting smaller stars. due to the influence that the planet has on the star itself In the case of the Neptune subplanet orbiting a small cold red dwarf star, The planet casts a large shadow as it passes in front of the star from our perspective. This allows tools such as NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) to more accurately identify the Earth.

Understanding how planets and their atmospheres form around them. Different types of stars are important if we hope to explore the universe in search of life. world like earth and a planet where we might build a shop Discovery like this is taking a step towards that future. Even if we don’t have anyone alive to see it.

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