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Astronomy is bad | neutrinos play a huge role in exploding stars

I have long wondered about the awkward humor of the universe. How, after all, is it possible that one of the ethereal and terrifying particles in the universe is basically responsible for the most massive and violent explosion there?

New research indicates that neutrinos are not just But plays a key role in supernova explosions. But we need to take into account all Its characteristics, to truly understand why stars explode

The star generates energy in the core, fusing lighter elements into heavier bodies. This is how the stars prevent their own gravity from collapse. The heat generated will cause the star to swell up, creating an additional pressure.

The most massive stars take this energy production process to the extreme. While lower mass stars such as the sun stop after fusing helium into carbon and oxygen, the massive stars continue to fuse their elements up to iron.

However, when the core of the great star is iron, events occur that pull energy from the core, allowing gravity to dominate. The core collapsed, causing a massive explosion of energy that it blows away the outer layers of the star, creating an explosion we call a supernova.

An important part of this event is the creation of a large number of neutrinos. These are subatomic subatomic particles that are as unstable as the Universe creates. They hate interacting with the norm so much that they can pass on an enormous amount of material without prior notice. To them, the world itself was completely transparent, and they traveled through it as if it wasn̵

7;t there at all.

But when a massive star’s iron core collapses, such high-energy neutrinos, and of such amounts, are created where the faulty material outside the star’s core absorbs massive amounts of them. It also helps that the downward-going material is exceptionally dense and can capture large volumes of images.

The amount of energy of the neutrino waves that vaporizes the soul to this is enough to not only stop the collapse, but also Back It sends eight trillion tons of star matter outward at a noticeable speed of light.

The supernova energy contained in the visible light is so large that it can equal the productivity of all galaxies. But this is only 1% of the total energy of the work. Most of them emit a powerful neutrino.That’s a very powerful role.

Before understanding this, theoretical astronomers had a hard time deflating the core to create an explosion. Simple physics models show that star explosions will halt and supernovae will not. Over the years, as computers have become more complex, it has become possible to complicate the entry of equations into models, thus obtaining more realistic tasks. When neutrinos are added to the mix, it is clear what important part they add.

Now the model is doing pretty well. But there is always room for improvement. For example, we know that there are three types of neutrinos called neutrinos. Taste: tau electrons and neutrinos We also know that under certain conditions the flavor will shake, meaning that one neutrino can be converted to another. All three have different characteristics and interact with different matter. How does this affect supernovae?

A team of scientists investigate the matter. They created a very complex computer model of the star’s core as it exploded, giving the neutrino not just a taste change. But can also interact with each other When this happens, a change in taste occurs more rapidly, what they call a Fast conversion.

What they found was that combining all three flavors and allowing them to interact and transform could cause conditions within the collapsing star’s core. For example, a neutrino may not be released as isotropic. (In all directions) but with an angular distribution instead Can be released in some direction

This can affect explosions, unlike istropism.We know that sometimes asymmetrical supernova explosions take place outside the center, in the core, or with energy that explodes in one direction rather than another. One direction The amount of energy to release the neutrino is so enormous that even the slightest asymmetry can cause the axes to have a large recoil, sending the collapsed core. (Now a neutron star or black hole) goes out like a rocket.

The model that scientists take is the first step in understanding this impact and how large it might be. They have shown Possible Combining the characteristics of all neutrinos may be important. But what happened in detail still needs to be considered.

It’s still exciting When I finished elementary school physics of stellar interiors, state-of-the-art models were still having trouble blasting stars. And now we have models that are not only working, but are beginning to reveal unprecedented aspects of these events. Not only that But we can spin this, observe real supernovas in the sky and see what their explosions can tell us about the neutrinos themselves.

It’s a joke: Supernova explosions produce enough of the matter you see around you: calcium in your bones, iron in your blood, the elements that make up life, air and rocks, and almost everything. The neutrino was so important to this creation, in a matter of moments it gave birth to so many things that we had to live. But once created, these particles ignore it, passing it by, ignoring the ghosts, ignoring the inhabitants as they move through walls from one place to another.

Once built, the story is old news for the neutrino.

I created cosmic anthropology thinking it had a sense of humor. But I think sometimes the universe gives evidence that I am right.

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