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At least 88 politicians have been killed in Mexico since September.

Political violence destroys every election season here. And the midterm elections on June 6 are no different. But this year was especially terrifying. Even for most of the more familiar countries

These companies are part of a group of at least 565 politicians or candidates who have been targeted for certain crimes.

The Mexican government has said this year’s midterm elections will be its largest ever. When the election ends on June 6, it can also be deadly.

Candidates are constantly being killed.

Abel Murrieta is handing out campaign flyers in broad daylight. two weeks ago along the busy streets of Cajeme, the municipality where he ran for a local office. Former prosecutor in Sonora North is with supporters. When police said that two men in the car shot him, shot him 1

0 times.

as a candidate He consistently said fighting crime was his number one priority.

“Enough with the drugs that stole our children and destroyed our families. I’m a law-abiding man I will lay down the law My hands don’t shake, I’m not afraid,” Merrieta said in the final campaign ad — recorded just a day before he was murdered.

Images on social media reveal that Murrieta lies motionless after the shooting in a blood-stained white button-down shirt. As supporters waved a nearby party flag with one hand on her trembling chest. A second video, shot later, shows him being placed on a stretcher and entering an ambulance.

Officials said he was intentionally targeted, although they didn’t know who it was. An investigation is ongoing.

Murietta was a high-profile figure. which is known for his outspoken views on crime. as a personal attorney He is also the representative of the LeBaron family, a dual citizenship family between the United States and Mexico, who lost nine members when they were killed by suspects in late 2019.

on tuesday Another wanted candidate was shot during his campaign, Alma Rosa Barragán running for mayor in Moroleón, Guanajuato. which is one of the most violent regions of the country

“If you want to go with me come to hear my offer Come so that we can be together for a while Together we can make it better,” cheerful Barragan said on a Facebook Live that she recently aired. her death

Guanajuato Attorney General’s Office condemns the assassination. and an investigation is underway.

Alma Barragan died while campaigning for mayor of Moroleon in the violent state of Guanajuato.

What is behind the violence?

The motive behind the killing of so many candidates across the country is unclear. But the suspects drive a crime syndicate and fight for control of the territory.

Ana Maria Salazar, Mexican security expert believe that in many cases Smaller criminal groups or big drug cartels are targeting candidates they don’t want candidates who want to take up positions. and for these groups and alliances Territorial control is important.

“There was a lot of intimidation. About these organizations that would like to have individuals [in office] that will clearly comply with their needs and will allow them to control the territory,” Salazar told CNN. “It has to do with territorial control.”

It is also unheard of for a politician or candidate involved in his own links to organized crime.

These groups either finance or promote candidates, or threaten, intimidate and kill those they want out of the game. she added

“These criminal organizations finally understand that controlling a political party or political structure in your region has made it much easier for you to use it for traffic and territorial control in the three years since Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Chosen” Salazar

Since taking office, López Obrador has taken a different approach to fighting criminals. By avoiding the previous strategy of war with the alliance. He likes to tackle the root causes of long-term poverty. as a guideline for providing alternatives to alliance members This is often referred to as a “hug, not a bullet”.

Salazar argues the tactic is partly to blame for the killings. because she said it allowed the criminal group to reign de facto and “The right to exist”

López Obrador’s management has consistently stated that their strategy requires more time to achieve real results.

Government response – or lack thereof

Critics have said for decades that the federal government has not done enough to protect the candidates. And the administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is no different.

“It’s a tough time for these campaigns,” President Obrador said recently. during his daily press conference. “We will continue to protect them.

The word “continue to protect them” would indicate that the government had effectively defended the candidate. Which obviously isn’t the case.

Critics say the government’s ineffective response is partly due to a non-acceptance of the extent of the problem.

The government itself counts the number of politicians or candidates who have died. Which is now only 14 years old, which is much lower than expected. This includes consulting firm Etelekt’s.

When asked why the government figure was so low. The president would not disclose how his administration calculated their numbers.

It doesn’t help that Mexico is a country where impunity predominates. More than 90 percent of all crimes have never been resolved.

There are less than two weeks left before voters go to the polls. The growing concern about the killing of candidates will only increase.

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