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At the Capitol, the threat of Trump supporters QAnon on March 4 proved to be an illusion.

The anxiety stems from another misguided belief in QAnon, a radical ideology claiming that Trump has worked secretly to overthrow the bloody democracy fanatical and worshiping Satan. After repeated ineffective forecasts, supporters of the group have announced in recent weeks that Trump will take office on March 4, the country’s original inauguration day.

Of course that will not happen. But on Wednesday, US Congress police announced they had identified a potential plan by terrorist groups to violate U.S. government agencies, according to hundreds of rioters on Jan. 6. Threats are credible It̵

7;s enough for the House to hold a meeting on Thursday, although the Senate is still meeting. And it comes on the day when Congress police try to extend the Guard’s mission by two months.

Samantha Broaddus, 34, had heard a vague reference to the QAnon threat, but she hadn’t thought much before coming to the hill to make a dentist appointment and found what looked like a fortress.

“It’s more sad than nerve wrecking,” she says as she walks 2nd Street NW with her 9-month-old daughter Isabelle. “DC used to feel approachable to anyone who needs it. Now I start to feel like I’m in another country. “

Along the fence stretching from the east side of the Supreme Court to the mall, police chased everyone lurking nearby.

“Have you seen the news yet?” They asked.

Outside the fence early Thursday, the streets in the neighborhood were quiet. People took their dogs for a walk in the morning sun and students in masked coffee on the stairs. The construction team continues to work on the project.

For over a month now, people who live and work on Capitol Hill have been exploring and gradually accepting the fact that this part of their beloved town has been transformed into a military district. They are no longer able to exercise on the town hall’s lawns or rest on the steps of the Supreme Court.For many, Thursday is another day in 2021.

About 5,200 security personnel are still on duty in Washington, where a sprawling security operation costs $ 2 million a week to upkeep.The Guard’s mission here is scheduled to end on a date. March 12, but Capitol Police asked for an extension of 60 days.

“It doesn’t make sense anymore,” said John Cabre, who, before all fencing had stepped up, had views on government bodies from his transformation as an unconstitutional activity coordinator 101. I think people react too much. ”

At a press conference, even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Decided to drop the vote, arguing that the move was related to supporting Republicans attending the annual vacation due to potential dangers. have

Unconvinced about the potential threat, Kabre smiled at passersby and encouraged them to enjoy the sunshine.He waved the National Guardsmen through the fence, some of whom he remembered during the month. already

In the morning, the mall was full of cyclists, runners and journalists. Lots of people jut in and out of Union Station, with three American flags embroidered on full staff, a handful of Capitol Hill employees hang around a fence post for employees to access.

At Freedom Plaza, skateboarders practice flipping kicks on the same concrete squares that thousands of Trump supporters gathered the night before the Jan. 6 attacks.

Two skaters who refused to give their last name argued whether one of them had a lot of tricks until the sound of a motorbike driving down Pennsylvania Avenue brought them to a halt. They looked at the bike with the American flag waving from behind before the discussion started.

“That totally counts,” said 25-year-old Sean of a maneuver that sent him to jump across the board.

Xavier, 27, shook his head.

The couple had no idea that March 4 was of particular importance and that the autonomous region did not dare to cope with further violence.

Fencing caused a slight inconvenience as they tried to meet at their usual spot in the Freedom Plaza, but other than that it seemed unusual.

“I guess we were used to the outsiders, whatever came into our town to cause trouble, you know,” said Xavier, who was wearing a hooded jacket emblazoned with Bart Sim’s mocking smile. “It’s just part of being in the nation’s capital today.”

Marissa Lang and Dan Lamothe contributed to this story.

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