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Atlanta Braves News: Ronald Acuna ran wild but the Braves failed again in another disappointing loss.

The Braves needed a jog and Ronald Acuna delivered a lightning bolt, depositing the game’s first pitch from Max Scherzer over the fence for the 20th home run of his career. (Heaps at his franchise record count) Scherzer’s first pitch of the season was not for him.Ozzie Albies thumped out before Freeman hit his own homer from Scherzer for the first time. Marcell Ozuna season emerges and Travis d’Arnaud lines up to end an explosive first chance.

After Drew Smyly was refreshed 1-2-3 before defeating Trea Turner (!!!) and Juan Soto (!!!) in the process, Dansby decided to join the party by adding a solo play to his house. Of himself to the right center to lead the second Riley, Pache, and Smyly down, respectively, after detonating Dansby.

Smyly allowed a single ball and a ground ball, ruled in error by the Albies, before surrendering twice to score twice after hitting the first two bats, but Lucroy was thrown, trying to take the ball. Third returned home to finish the inning with a 3-2 score on the Braves.The run was ruled out of equity due to a trial error against the Albies.

Fortunately for Atlanta, Ronald Acuna decided to transform into Hellfire today, so he hit a second homer of the day to lead the third inning, Ozuna dropped solo two following attacks from Albies and Freeman, but Penetration cannot do any more damage. Unfortunately, Braves̵

7; famous killer Trea Turner hit two home runs after walking from Victor Robles to tie the game at the bottom of the third inning.Smyly was able to work with Ryan Zimmerman single to escape the chance without. Run longer

Two hits and a good hit flew off onto the warning track in the middle of the field, where all of the Braves’ bats could stack up in fourth.Smyly bounced back in a 1-2-3 innings with two hits to Holding on at the bottom of the innings, Ronald Acuna did a homer in a third straight-sheet appearance, while the Braves went down in order to be in the fifth.Smyly made another 1-2-3 innings in the run. The fifth The game turned into an impromptu duel as the Braves made a 1-2-3 chance for the clearly judged Cherser Drew Smyly, able to pass the sixth point without any problems, getting two ground and flying. Go out

Two singles from Riley and Pache messed up Washington by one in seven as they dipped in their paws. The Panda worked in a nice plate manner to walk and led Ronald Acuna to the plate, with one and a loaded base that instantly hit a weak chop to pick a fielder’s choice, which resulted in a run with the runner. Still ranked third and second This was the end of Kyle Finnegan’s appearance from the words of the Nationals. Unfortunately, Ozzie Albies put ground (violently) in the bat anyway to end the threat of chance.

Tyler Matzek was brought in to try to wrap up a Washington statement, he … certainly didn’t do that as he got two. But one and two walks were allowed before being pulled … Fortunately, Tomlin had the turner flying out on a hanging ball arc while the Braves fans. Everyone let out a sigh of relief.

Walking Ozuna was only Atlanta’s starter in eighth, although d’Arnaud had a very loud flying noise.AJ Minter received a call from a bull on the bottom of the eighth and allowed two singles, including Walk to load the base for the people of the nation Andrew Stevenson then hit a sharp ground ball to score a run and keep the base. John Nathan Luroy was next and hit the ground ball for Austin Riley, who wisely returned home to force out Yadiel Hernandez, lined up for Marcell Ozuna in the final, leaving the score at 5-. 5 heading for ninth place

Austin Riley swung out to lead the opportunity. It was at this point that Cristian Pache came through with a regular-season home run to give the Braves the lead … or so we thought … maybe? The boy traveled around the base before the judges talked and called it a foul, then Brian Snitker then challenged the call with no benefit before Pache came out as the official result of the dish’s appearance. Johan Camargo came in next to a pinch hit and walked away to bring Ronald Akuna to the plate with two, while Inciarte came in as a pinch runner for the lesser Camargo. Lively Unfortunately, Ronald had a reason to end the opportunity.

Will Smith was called to try and deliver the game to the extra innings and allowed Victor Robles to immediately throw the first single and hit Trea Turner with a pitch to bring Juan Soto to the plate with two passes. And there is no outing in the tie game in the game. The bottom of the ninth, which is … not what you want from an Atlanta perspective, Soto guessed ending the game with an RBI single, a disappointing start to the season for Atlanta.

Despite the disappointment, we’ll be back tomorrow for a doubleheader at noon on Wednesday. Of course, they can’t be swept in a doubleheader with Max Fried on the slopes for either game … right? Hope not

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