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Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci is one of a dozen named in a gang-related fraud indictment – WSB-TV Channel 2.

ATLANTA – Rayshawn Bennett, better known as musician YFN Lucci, is one of dozens of suspects indicted in a 75-page, 105-count fraud targeting groups within the Bloods street gang.

“The indictment was never before the timing,” said Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Mark Winne, investigative reporter, Channel 2 In an exclusive interview

“There has been a huge increase in violent crime,” Willis said. “I make a commitment to bring the best and the brightest of minds here, which many people see sitting here now, so we can deal with it. With this serious crime problem “

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Joining Willis when she meets Winne is a key member of her team, including recent hires Mike Carlson, one of the state’s most prestigious gang law specialists, RICO’s John Floyd expert and team chief, attorney Cara Convery. Including leading law enforcement officers

“The first thing we have to do is recognize that there is definitely a gang problem in this county, and we will take a firm stand against that,” Willis said.

Willis said she and her crew used the YouTube music video “Shine On” to shed light on the alleged gang association of two actors YFN Lucci and Bloody Jay, both of whom had names. In the indictment The indictment said the video contained lyrics promoting criminal gang activity.

Convery said investigators also used social media posts to help build their gang case.

“It’s a way of showing who you are and who you are attached to, and what you are willing to do to maintain that position of power,” she said.

Lucci’s attorney, Drew Findling, told Winne his client was not guilty of all allegations.

“He’s not a gang member. Which he is an internationally recognized music artist, three platinum award winner who has performed across the United States and around the world, ”said Findling. Musically acting like ‘I Shot the Sheriff’ is not a criminal activity. ”

Blood DJ, whose real name is Justin Usheri, told Wynn over the phone that he was not involved in a gang or committed a crime, saying “I made a song.”

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The indictment shows Lucci was an associate of Bloods, and the allegations against him included falsification of murder evidence by concealing crime scenes and vehicles by hiding it, hurting others by strangulation and encouraging there. Kicking and kicking the person to hit a rival gang of music.

Lucci is facing a criminal charge in connection with the shooting of a man killed in December.

Willis said the criminal murder charges against Lucci and others in the RICO case were related to the murders that Lucci had already been released on ties.

“We believe it’s part of the bigger picture,” Willis said.

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Atlanta Police Captain Jason Smith said the investigation had been more than six months and involved DA’s offices, the Georgia Investigation Office, the Atlanta Police Department and the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office.

“I think it sends an important, profound message that, no matter what state you are in, that Atlanta and Fulton in cooperation will follow if you violate crime in our district in our city.” Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant.

“Among national gangs, street criminal gangs have at least four sub-sets involved in the indictment and investigation,” GBI Gang task force special agent Ken Howard said.

“Some people don’t understand the depth this gang has infiltrated for lack of better speech than our community and it’s time for them to go,” said Pat Labat Fulton County Sheriff.

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