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Authorities acknowledged that China’s vaccine was ineffective as countries surveyed for mixed shots.

The China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is aware of the existing problems with the country’s corona vaccine and is exploring vaccination options to improve it. The defense rate is very high ”at the meeting on Saturday. The remarks are a rare example of Chinese authorities of widely publicized questions about the country’s vaccine efficacy.

To tackle the issue, China is “officially considering”

; whether vaccines should be mixed to improve efficacy. Another possible option is to change the reduction method and the space between each shot. China previously tried to raise doubts about new vaccines, such as Pfizer’s vaccine and Moderna using new Messenger RNA technology, but now China is working on its own MRNA vaccine.

Gao’s speech quickly spread on social media. “This is the first time .. government officials openly admit that protection rates are a concern to drive vaccinations,” Yanzhong Huang, a senior fellow of global health at the Council on Foreign Relations, told AFP. The Financial Times has no Chinese vaccine to release data on the Phase III trial, which raises questions about transparency, although it has sold millions of doses abroad. A recent study on the Sinovac vaccine in Chile found that the efficacy rate of one vaccine was only 3 percent, compared with 56 percent in two shots.The country’s Sinopharm vaccine claims to have an effective rate of 79 percent after two doses.

After his speech swiftly spread across the world, Gao tried to control the damage, claiming that his remarks were misinterpreted. “The protection rates for all vaccines in the world are sometimes high and sometimes low. How to improve efficacy is a question that scientists all over the world have to consider, ”says Gao.“ In this regard, I encourage us to consider adjusting the vaccination process, such as the number, dose and timing, and sequential vaccinations with different types of vaccines. ”

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