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Avid Trump supporter, Lee Seldin, will run for New York governor.

Mr Seldin’s decision to run for governor, which he first announced on Fox News, is expected to convert his district into an open-seat home competition, pending a decision to re-district.

He will be one of at least three announced or potential Republican candidates interested in running for governor to appear in Albany, New York, on date. April 19 to meet with the Republican Party chair in support of

Others include Rob Astorino, the 2014 party governor’s nominee, and Andrew Giuliani, son of Rudolph W. Giuliani, a former New York City mayor and Trump’s personal attorney.

“He’s not the candidate who decided to run last week, this is something to figure out,” Staten Island Republican Congressman Joseph Borelli said of Mr Seldin.

Mr Borelli said he would return Mr Seldin. But he also spoke warmly about Mr. Giuliani.

“The only thing that changed was a few months ago when he first thought of it, the hope was that Andrew Cuomo would not be on the ballot,” he said of Mr Seldin. Kat must carry Andrew Cuomo’s sandbag. “

For months now, a rival from Mr Cuomo’s Democrat thinks how to make sure he is not their candidate, even if he says he wants to come back to work.

Should he resign or not to run for re-election, New York Attorney General Letitia James is said to be the most formidable competitor and some famous Democrats believe. That she can clear the field effectively

But other names are mentioned as well, Lt. Kathy Hochul, who will hold the position of authority if Cuomo is removed from office, expects to complete his term as governor next year. If the situation is resolved

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