Getti Kehayova, Guinness world record holder for the biggest hula hoop spin, shows off her skills.

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The Houston woman with nails over 20 feet no longer has to spend money on polish after cutting it and breaking her own Guinness World record.

Ayanna Williams had her nails cut off after growing up for 28 years and reaching 24 feet 0.7 inches in length, according to Guinness.In 2017, Williams broke the record for longest nails on a pair (female) by measure. Over 18 feet

For the first time since the early 1990s, Williams’ nails were cut with an electric rotary tool at the dermatology office over the weekend in Fort Worth, Texas, according to CNN.

Before she cut her nails, her last manicure required three to four bottles of polish.

“It can take up to five days to do everything and polish can take a couple of days,” Williams told Guinness on Facebook Live in 2017.

Then several viewers asked. “Million Dollar Question”: How do you wipe yourself after using the bathroom?

“Since everyone wants to know how I wipe my butt, put the money in your mouth and don’t say I’m nasty when I show you,” Williams said.

The audience also asked how she worked. Williams said she cooks. But do not wash the dishes She also said that she was driving with the least difficulty.

“The only thing that’s hard for me is turning right,” Williams said.

The longest nails on a woman’s hands were still standing with Lee Redmond. Redmond began growing her nails in 1974. It was built in 1979 and manages to be 28 feet 4.5 inches long, according to Guinness.

Melvin Boothe had the longest nail on a pair of men’s hands at 32 feet 3.8 inches as measured in 2009 before her death in December, according to Guinness.

Williams no longer had to spend days getting her nails done and told Guinness she was excited about the new start. She said her decision to cut these fabrics was due to difficulties in daily tasks such as laying the sheets in the bed.

Her nails are now being preserved and displayed at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museums in Orlando, Florida She also told Guinness that she planned to grow new nails. But not the previous length

“I never thought I would be in the Guinness World Record ever,” Williams said in 2017. “It was amazing and it took a long time to grow these nails.”

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