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Backbone presents today’s terrifying and adorable Animal Noir.

With E3 on the horizon, next week will be a fun big game announcement. But before the AAA commercials begin, let’s take a moment to highlight something a little more quirky. From Canadian indie developer EggNut, Backbone is a concept that feels as if it sprang directly from the minds of a fan. LucasArt vets like Tim Schafer or Ron Gilbert as you play as a dirty raccoon detective in dystopian Vancouver with talking animals. Solve dark puzzles while resisting the urge to reach out and pet all the suspects. You can check out the Backbone launch trailer below.

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Intrigued? Here’s the official description for Backbone:

Backbone is a post-noir fictional detective adventure. In which you take on the role of Howard Lotor, a private detective raccoon. and explore Vancouver British Columbia Featuring beautiful dystopian visuals with high resolution pixel art. After years of trivial matters, a lonely evening And just past that, Howard was swept into a one-of-a-kind job. What began as a small case slowly unraveled into a much darker, pitting Howard against the city’s own oppressive and systematic hierarchy.

  • post noirtopia – Backbone’s Vancouver is a dangerous place. bleak and gloomy But not all without hope. It is the story of a cold and existential world. complicated by a sincere relationship and a traumatic but never dead drive to make a difference. Everyone wants to change the world. But it’s not always better.
  • beautiful picture – A stunning combination of high definition pixel art and 3D effects such as dynamic lighting, downpours, volumetric mists and neon lights bring this vast city to life.
  • Inspiring and memorable soundtrack – Original soundtrack by Danshin and Arooj Aftab, expertly crafted to create jaw-dropping, cinematic, atmospheric and minimalist soundscapes. You’ve never heard of this dystopian doom jazz.

Backbone is available now on PC (via Steam, Epic, GoG, and PC Xbox Game Pass). The Xbox One, PS4 and Switch versions hit the scene later this year.

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