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Bandai Namco and NetherRealm Studios have both abruptly cut ties with the WePlay eSports organization.

The ‘difference in sight’ referred to as a reason.

Update: WePlay has released an official statement regarding the split. You can find all messages after jumping.

Before: The WePlay eSports organization has demonstrated here in the fighting games community this year, with a number of important events with massive winnings. Together with Bandai Namco and NetherRealm Studios, the world is presented with massive events for games like Tekken 7 and Mortal Kombat 1

1 Ultimate.

However, this morning it appeared that both Bandai Namco and NetherRealm Studios had cut ties with WePlay, each of the companies sharing a statement on social media announcing their departure.

As for the separation reasons, none of the companies provided any specific information on the situation.Both Bandai Namco and the NRS cited differences in their views as the catalyst for cutting ties.

Below you can read both companies’ statements, which are closely reflected in their wording.

“NetherRealm Studios continually strives to promote the best eSports tournament for our fans and our community,” began the NetherRealm statement. It is operated by WePlay anymore. “

“BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment We continually strive to deliver the best esports tournaments and events to please our players and fans, “Bandai Namco wrote.” Due to differences in vision and professional standards, we will not work with WePlay in As a partner for managing eSports tournaments anymore ”

WePlay made the mark for the fighting game community this year by hosting tournaments for Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate, Tekken 7, and Soul Calibur 6.This new venture has garnered attention and has garnered attention with a massive $ 50,000 per game per week of action.

The welcome for these incidents was proven overall positively, with comments on each thread of the tweet asking what happened and expressing disappointment with the split.

WePlay released their statement. You can read them below.

WePlay endeavors to raise the bar in every tournament we have gathered by delivering the highest quality events using innovative production techniques and providing the best conditions for players and talent.

With WUFL Season 1, we’ve rounded up one of the most memorable FGC tournaments to date, both Bandai and NRS approved.Our goal is to provide a world-class event to a community where everyone can enjoy.

Today’s news surprised us since the WUFL began and after the event was over, we tried to talk about future seasons, looked at the feedback and discussed the first season with both NRS and Bandai, but no response.

Our vision and dedication to FGC has not changed, and we will move forward by providing the incredible events and content that the community deserves.

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