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Bandcamp will create vinyl records for 10,000 indie artists.

Bandcamp is gearing up for a wider rollout of vinyl rolling services that give indie artists access to a growing number of physical music formats in the digital marketplace.Bandcamp launched a pilot program for expedited services last year and when. On Thursday, the company opened its doors to 10,000 more artists, noting that it will continue to roll out a wide range of artists throughout 2021.

The new service could be a major development for independent musicians looking to sell vinyl records. But can’t afford With very few vinyl factories around the world, the cost of extruding vinyl can be an exorbitant expense for many DIY artists, but vinyl is one of the traditional mediums that have truly grown into the streaming era. And because CD sales have steadily declined over the past decade, vinyl exceeded CD purchases in the first half of last year in the United States, according to RIAA. It was $ 232 million in the first half of last year, accounting for 62% of all physical product sales.

While Bandcamp sold 2 million vinyl records on their website last year ̵

1; twice the vinyl sales from 2019 – only 12% of the web’s releases had a vinyl option. In the new show, instead of having the artists and their staff funded, Bandcamp said fan direct purchases would cover costs. Artists can set the price they want for the vinyl record. Of the artists’ 50 pilot projects last year, Bandcamp sold 13,000 copies to customers in 65 countries, the company said.

In addition to vinyl, Bandcamp announced late last year that the popular Bandcamp Fridays, which will be taking a share of the total revenue from certain days of sales to help artists earn more money during the outbreak – will run. Continue in 2021

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