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Barbara Comstock: If Trump Disappears There would be no Republican Party in the search.

Former Virginia Republican Representative Barbara ComstockBarbara Jean Comstock Sunday preview: Infrastructure drives hikes, White House pressures Afghan allies to evacuate when time expires Press: Get Orange Dress Ready: Extra-Large More said on Sunday that if before President TrumpDonald Trump What You Need to Know About International Tax Negotiations 9 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2022 Biden blow up Texas voting bills: ‘The More attacks on democracy’ Missing “I don’t think you have many Republicans to find.”

Comstock spoke while appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” program to discuss a recent Senate vote in which Republicans are preventing the creation of a committee to investigate the Capitol riots. On January 6, Comstock supported the family of Brian Sicknick, a Capitol police officer who died shortly after the attack, in a call to form a committee.

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“That’s the argument we’re making with the senators,” Comstock said.

“I understand that Republicans want to get away from Donald Trump. Trump disappears tomorrow I don’t think you have many Republicans in your search. Maybe a few prosecutors. But not Republicans,” Comstock added. “So they want to flee from him. But the problem is that he won’t leave.”

“But this is not about Democrats or Republicans. It’s about the country and it’s about reaching the truth. and about protecting the town hall people who work there and making sure this doesn’t happen again,” Comstock said.

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