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Baron Simo’s purple mask is described by Falcon and the chief writer of the Winter Soldier.

Before the launch The Hawk and the Winter Soldier The popular fan theory lit the internet, while Marvel’s loyalists spoke about the length of the purple masked Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl) with strands along the length of the face, making a comparison with Thanos was quick, with some suggesting that Seamo would start wearing a mask to mock Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) who lost to Mad Titan during. Avengers: Infinity War It turns out that this theory is nothing more than a theory, with the showrunner series Malcolm Spellman insisting that it has nothing to do with eternity.

“It’s his history from the time he was a soldier,” Spellman said. UNILAD In a new interview “And who knows what else? But has nothing to do with Thanos “

As we all saw in the season finale, Zemo was taken to The Raft to throw away the rest of his days ̵

1; until at some point, naturally, in the future, when Marvel finally decided to do it. bolt Project. Although this series clearly laid the foundation for a villainous team-up, But Marvel producer Nate Moore said the group was never in the plans.

“The honest truth is not,” Moore said. Entertainment Weekly Last month. “Not because we don’t think they’re cool because they are. But because we feel like there’s a lot on the table in this series, we don’t want to recommend a group of characters or re-introduce people: We have seen it in the past and it blurred the story. “

“The more characters you produce, the more you have to serve them,” he added, “and we wouldn’t have time to go home with Sam and Bucky in Louisiana or do something with the characters.

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