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Battlefield 6 Leaker Teases World War 3 Scene, Player Count, and More

Battlefield 6 famed Tom Henderson has addressed several claims to the game. From the settings to the number of players

Battlefield 6 Fans have received most of the information about the game from the leak. And it looks like it will continue until the game unfolds, and as always, Tom Henderson is the front and center with with. Battlefield 6 Insiders just multiplied the rumors.

Henderson not only proved his credibility in the past. But the leaker is also the source of Battlefield 6 information sometimes now from rumors Battlefield 6Robot dog gadget for the return of the crash landing feature from battlefield 5, Henderson has provided fans with a lot of detail over the months. In a recent tweet, insiders have compiled a leak that he is sure is true. And he added another exciting rumour.

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Henderson’s tweet underscored the idea that Battlefield 6 It will be set up in the near future. In the past, he compared this to Black Claim Page 2Indicates that the game will be scheduled for a decade or so in the future. Although this makes things like robot dogs possible. Battlefield: 2142The mechanism is still far away interesting is Henderson added that the game will take place after Battlefield 4It confirms that it is not a full reboot of the franchise as some people have thought. It’s unclear how the two will be linked, although fans can expect some references.

Henderson also stated that it was comprehensive. “The Next World War,” which confirmed that World War 3 leaks were accurate as World War I progressed. Gamers will enjoy 128-player battles as “elite units” employed by Russia or America. In this way, armies from around the world can participate in this conflict. Add more variety to playable military factions. Henderson added that classes will be given special privileges and unique abilities. making them function similar to the former battlefield Game. In a follow-up tweet Henderson shares new information with Battlefield 6 fans

Apparently the game will get Alpha, with Henderson expected to drop in July. He believes there is a chance it could be released after EA Play as well, suggesting that fans will play the game sooner rather than later. Other than this, there is no mention of a Battlefield 6 campaign again indicates that Henderson has not yet heard of its existence. Although there is a small chance that there will be a story mode. But it seems unlikely that Henderson has never heard of it. As a result, fans shouldn’t expect a single-player mode for the next Battlefield game unless DICE or EA has stated otherwise. another

with June just a few days Battlefield 6The great revelation is at your fingertips. When the first trailer arrives, fans will finally be able to see which rumors are right.

Battlefield 6 It is expected to release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S later this year.

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