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Batwoman’s Javicia Leslie wants ‘Super Black’ Arrowverse crossover

Javicia Leslie is ready to fit and handle Gotham’s worst situations. God is my friend Alum won’t wear a leather sheath when season 2 of Batwoman Premieres this Sunday (The CW, 8 / 7c). Leslie’s Ryan Wilder takes over Kate Kane, who will be missing in action after Ruby Rose leaves the series in May.

When Leslie was ready to join the Arrowverse, the actress said she was ready to mix it up with her CW group, like the cast of Black lightningHowever, all crossover plans will have to wait until next year due to the COVID outbreak.

“I am very sad about the COVID situation because I know it is. Black lightningIn the last season and I wanted to do a crossover with them, Nafessa. [Williams] And Jordan [Calloway] It̵

7;s really a good friend of mine and it would be great to play with them and be the hero on the same show. That would be epic, ”Leslie told TVLine, noting that she still wanted to do a crossover when it was safe to do so.

“No matter what the show has black people on, I will also do these crossovers because I just want it to be a super black crossover,” she added.

TVLine has confirmed that the previously announced Arrowverse crossover during Batwoman and Superman & Lois Was therefore canceled according to Batwoman Caroline Dries suggests Kara Danvers is unlikely to have been dropped by Gotham first. Super girl Close this season

“We can’t really skip because we physically can’t cross the crew because of our fear of coming into contact with Covids,” explains Dries. Super girl It’s not over yet this year, I would say there will be more possibilities. But I’m afraid that at least this year we won’t be able to reach that kind of power. “

BatwomanThe second season of Wilder will focus on Wilder’s journey as Gotham’s latest crusade.She is a lesbian black and has a criminal record. Dries describes her as a messy, silly and slightly tame woman whose life is scarred by racial injustice and a troubled childhood. Wilder will use the bat suit as a means to escape those untreated wounds and become a power she can’t be outside of the suit.

Wilder won’t just inherit those awesome Batwoman gear. She also adds a unique touch to her. Leslie reveals that Wilder will make changes to the suit – above all, “She wanted to find a way to make this Batwoman comfortable for her, making Batwoman what she felt represented her life. You, the people you represent

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