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Bears OTA Recap: Justin Fields Have a Nice Day

The Chicago Bears are in the middle of their second and final voluntary OTA. And today is the day the media are allowed to gather at Halas Hall to celebrate. This is Lonely Day Head Coach Matt Nagy. And a few players are available after training through Zoom’s press conference.

The offense lacked a few players. In particular, Allen Robinson, Jimmy Graham, Nick Foles and Anthony Miller, who follow Nagy, are currently resting with what he called a minor injury. A “little nick” and on the defensive line were only two on the pitch, Roquan Smith and Tashaun Gipson, although Desmond Trufant took a corner and the nickel hopefuls practiced on the pitch.

But like last round of OTAs, all of this is voluntary. And most veterans are involved. The Bears will host a compulsory mini-camp on June 1


According to Bears policy, what the media is allowed to report is very limited. But the consensus from Wednesday was that rookie quarterback Justin Fields killed it.

Yes, it’s just practice and yes, the players wear shorts and helmets. But anything that shows positive from Chicago’s new QB will be exciting.

But it’s not all good news about Fields as he continues to transition into the pro game.

Nagy said today’s training was a bit messy at times. But a few botched clashes from a QB who spent most of his previous footballing session in shotguns were no big deal. Plus, he’s probably working with a back-up center. So this will be better.

The beauty of Deep Fields’ ball was the theme of the day and Nagy took the time to speak about the order of offense his young QB was already showing.

Halas Hall reports that veteran QB Andy Dalton has never had his best day with three interceptions in 7-for-7.

You can check out Matt Nagy’s full press in the embed below.

Bears center Sam Mustifer also met with the media today. And he said he’s gained 10 pounds this season. As he focuses on building strength while working with Bears legend Olin Kreutz.

Now he is the embodiment of the pencil. But he knew he had to keep working hard. “Whether in the training team Whether in the list of active players As a centre-forward, in every arsenal, I prepare with a firm mindset that I have to play great,” Mustifer said. “Last year, my performance showed that.”

Mustipher’s press conference can be viewed here.

Cole Kmet’s tight finish was honored by Fields, saying: “So far he’s been great. Great teammates, great people, come to work every day with a head down and ready to do the right thing. He comes here every day to be a great person. and you will see that.”

Nagy said he saw Kmet’s role in the offense increased in Year 2 and Kmet said he was stronger and faster and was looking forward to the real NFL youth.

Kmet’s press release can be viewed here.

Sophomore wide receiver Darnell Mooney says he wants to be more of a threat to the defender this season and more of an asset to his team. He also declined to use bait when asked about comment from Rams corner Jalen Ramsey.

Mooney was asked about his new QB and his ability to throw deep. by saying that he threw “A beautiful ball” and added that Fields was very accurate” and said he was “A great player and a great person.”

“I got a deep ball or two from him,” Mooney said. “The first he threw at me. I was smiling midway because I saw the ball in the air and put it in place.”

You can listen to Mooney’s full audio recorder here.

Running back Damien Williams said part of the reason he chose Chicago in free agency was his familiarity with the same pattern of offenses with the heads in 2018 and 2019, then when he met with the coach. and players It was an easy decision. He signed a contract with the Bears.

“I feel like one of the rookie kids,” Williams said when returning to the NFL after opting out of the 2020 season. “First day back, new guy in the building. I’m just really embracing it all now.”

Williams was also asked about his rookie QB and he described playing at “He threw the ball in coverage 2. There’s a small hole you have to get in, the back shoulder. It’s beautiful.”

Check out Williams’ press release here.

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