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Behind the scenes of Warner Bros. ‘Olive Branch to the best of talent

8:38 AM PST 1/14/2021


Mia Kalupo
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Denzel Washington was paid $ 20 million with a backend, while the sheer amount of bonuses tied to HBO Max’s date-and-date plans were costly for the studio.

Warner Bros. Business Affairs doesn’t have much of a relaxing vacation. The group has been running through the end of the year with the aim of consoling the famous talent kept in the dark around December 3, revealing a summary plan for the entire 2021

studio’s slate to be released on and Domestic date In theaters and HBO Max

One such deal was with lead Denzel Washington. Little thingsStarting January 29th, this is the first of 17 titles to be released under the HBO Max day-and-date edition. Washington’s feature contract, said to be a $ 20 million fee with a back-end, made insiders think he could get the bigger $ 10 million rebate Gal Gadot received as Wonder Woman 1984 Went to stream on December 25. “Denzel will never negotiate a deal to close his deal and a really strong backend,” a rival studio executive added, “People will be pleased with their offer. very”

While only a handful of celebrities can command as much as Washington, the sheer number of talent deals now require some kind of bonus payout, according to an exhibition exercise by WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar. That cost Warner a lot, the sources said. Each talent agency is managing its own agreements with only one CAA managing.55

It looks like the studio has not yet implemented any formulas. But the proposal was sent to at least one agent. According to a draft source, Warners’ proposal said talent who made less than $ 4 million would receive an additional 25 percent of their salary when the film was released in advance of the box bonus. Office Anyone who makes $ 4 million or more will receive 40 percent of his salary. Moreover, the box office performance threshold associated with the bonus is halved. And regardless of the film being shown at the global box office, all postponements will be honored with the film’s release (Warner Bros. declined comment).

Despite the closure of domestic theater But the idea of ​​some employees is that the new, halved global box office threshold is more accessible than the pre-epidemic bonus benchmark. But with the increasing number of COVID-19 infected people seeing that countries are working to shut down the new system, the state of the exhibition is in a state of constant state. The offer isn’t the only fix size that can be switched to every deal.

And there’s a hopeful filmmaker with an out-of-window character, Legendary behind the name Warners in 2021. Godzilla vs. Kong And Denis Villeneuve’s Sand dunesThere is still a hack with the studio.

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