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Belgium protested the death of a man in police custody, resulting in more than 100 arrests.

The Brussels prosecutor’s office said on Wednesday it had opened an investigation. “Involuntary murder” after a 23-year-old black man lost consciousness at the police station shortly after being arrested He later died in hospital.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Liedts Square in central Brussels. Video from the scene showed a brawl as demonstrators throwing rocks and projectiles as police brought a cannon to water.

Some protesters held Black Lives Matter placards and shouted, “We want the truth.”

King Philippe’s car of Belgium “Stuck for a moment” in the vicinity of the palace, told CNN and the vehicles were thrown by a few gunshot at the police surrounding the monarch̵

7;s convoy.

The king himself is not the goal and “His stability was never endangered,” they said.

Much of the protests in Brussels were peaceful before the fierce clashes in the evening.

Deaths in police custody

The deaths that led Wednesday’s protests came on Saturday after police “examined” a group of people gathered despite coronavirus measures limiting public gatherings.

A man identified as Ibrahimabi by a lawyer representing his family “Escaped and questioned by the police,” according to the prosecutor’s statement.

“When he arrived at the police station, IB was unconscious and the police called the emergency services ambulance and emergency team to the scene, and IB was taken to hospital. He died in the hospital at 8:22 p.m.,” added Kham. order

The family’s lawyer, Alexis Deswaef, said in a demonstration of his death on Wednesday. “I know one thing – if it were my son, who was white and the same age, that wouldn’t happen.”

“The family was told their son had an irregular heartbeat,” Deswaef told CNN, but this was not the only cause of death.

Toxicological test “Show traces of addictive substances,” the lawyer added. But these things “The death cannot be explained”

The official car of King Philippe of Belgium leading a convoy to evade protesters.

In response to the protests, National Police Commissioner Marc De Mesmaeker on Thursday said: “We can understand that emotions are skyrocketing … but the way we do this is totally unacceptable.

He accused the protesters of acting “barbaric” and said five police officers were injured in the unrest.

Belgian Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne said Wednesday on Twitter: “We cannot accept what happened today in any way … the rioters will not run without penalty.” “

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