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Belize police chief’s family pursues lawsuit, releases social media suspect

The family of a murdered police superintendent in Belize intends to prosecute a social worker charged with death.

Jasmine Hartin has been held without bail since she was charged with killing 42-year-old Belize Police Superintendent Henry Gemmott, who was found dead in offshore waters. san pedro island

Jemmott had a single gunshot wound to his right ear. and the autopsy report stated that the cause of death was “A large amount of cerebral hemorrhage” due to a “gunshot wound to the head”.

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The medical examiner’s findings prompted Jemmott’s family to file a lawsuit against Hartin, an American married to Lord’s son Michael Ashcroft, the ABC News reported.

Details of Gemmott’s death remain vague at best. But a number of details sparked a scandalous picture: Gemmott, father of five children. Presumably told a friend that he was going to And he declined to name the woman. He is meeting the evening standards.

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Hartin saw blood on her hands, arms and clothing near the harbor where Gemmott’s body was found. Police described Hartin as

The police detained Hartin and charged him with negligent murder. Hartin remains in prison for eight days after the court initially denied bail. The court reversed Wednesday’s verdict, allowing Hartin to be released from prison on bail of $30,000, BZ, the Guardian reported.

However, Hartin was ordered to hand over her travel documents to prevent her from leaving the country until her trial is over.

The detectives had a hard time gathering the events of the evening.

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A woman who drank with Gemmott late in the evening said he complained about marital problems and was on vacation. Gemmott then meets Hartin in the harbor. They were confirmed to be alone and drinking.

Initially, Hartin told police that Jemmott had been shot from a passing ship. But later pleaded guilty after Belize police threatened to charge her for cocaine possession.

then she gave “A statement under caution,” reported 7 News Belize.

Hartin claims she gave Jemmott a massage when she accidentally shot him while handing him a pistol.

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Security personnel responding to the scene suggested that Jemmott fell on Hartin after he was shot. Then the social worker pushed his body away from her and into the water.

However, police are investigating the possibility that Hartin and Jemmott played a “pistol game” instead, a police source told The Times.

Hartin lives with her family in Belize and is the lifestyle and experience director at Alaia Belize, a boutique resort run by her husband Andrew Ashcroft.

Some details about Hartin are unclear. Reports remain uncertain whether she is married to Ashcroft or just his partner. Additionally, some outlets report that Hartin is 32, while others claim she is 38.


Andrew Ashcroft is the youngest son of Lord Michael Ashcroft, a major conservative UK donor and former vice president.

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