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Ben Affleck blames a woman after she doesn’t match him with Raya.

“Why don’t you match me, it’s me?”

Ben Affleck is definitely not a catfish. But that’s what one woman thinks when she matches him on a dating app.

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Author Nivine Jay recently shared her experience with Ben on TikTok that is going viral, and although I don’t know it’s 100% true, it’s a joke.

Nivine said she used celebrity dating app Raya when she was accused of meeting Ben. But when they were paired up, she had a second thought, whether it was him or not.

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She decided to match him. But it doesn’t seem to fit Ben, who wants to prove he’s not a catfish.

Nivine says that Ben slid into her Instagram DMs with a video proving “Nivine! Why don’t you match me? It’s me. “

She also shared a video of Ben on her TikTok, writing: “Think of the time I matched Ben Affleck in Reya and thought it was fake, so I didn’t match him and he sent me a video on Instagram.”

It’s unclear when all of this went down or that guy was really Ben … but you have to admit it looks and sounds a lot like him.

Rodin Eckenroth / FilmMagic, @nivinejay / via tiktok.com

The post received mixed reviews from the audience – some who thought it was really cool and others who thought it was a little creepy.

“I saw a lot of comments calling him playful, and I didn’t think it was fair, I didn’t make fun of him in the video. I enjoyed myself thinking he was a catfish. It would be funny.” Tell me! news.

Ben has yet to respond to Nivine’s TikTok, so there is only one time to tell if the whole thing is true.

Vera Anderson / WireImage

But hopefully when Ben replies it will be in the form of a video message!

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