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Ben Affleck’s Father Gives Very Honest Idea About ‘Nonsense’ Bennifer Frenzy

The chasing family may seem a mess because Ben Affleck’s father “doesn’t know” what his son’s love life will be. especially in regards to Jennifer Lopez.

Since almost everyone is interested in the Bennifer 2.0 discourse, except, of course, for the two stars that make up the portmanteau. The actor’s 78-year-old father, Timothy Affleck, was asked about his son’s renewed love story.

“Of course, I̵

7;ve heard about you. But I didn’t know about it,” he told The Sun in an interview published Friday. “I talk to my kids about their lives when I see them. And they share what they want to share with me.”

Timothy Affleck, who is also the father of actor Casey Affleck, said he had not “long seen my children” due to COVID-19. and their busy schedule

When asked if his son had been “crazy” with Lopez since the two broke off their engagement nearly 20 years ago, he replied: “I’ve never heard of all that nonsense.”

Perhaps he’s been advised in a few interviews from A-list descendants as he turns the conversation away from tabloid fodder and his son’s longstanding philanthropic efforts in Africa.

“I just hope people will value the good work my son does in the Congo – the woman he helped there,” he continued. “There are important things the media should report on that. not nonsense [about Jennifer]”

But if recent reports are any indication, Affleck and Lopez may be entering the introductory phase to your parents for their relationship. Weeks after the news of their first reunion made headlines.

Both were recently seen in Montana and Miami. This led to speculations that Bennifer had come back stronger and stronger than ever. earlier this week They were photographed holding hands while having dinner with their friends. in Los Angeles

“They will continue their journey between Los Angeles and Miami,” an anonymous source told People. “They are very happy together. This is not a casual relationship. They are serious and want it to last.”

Ben Affleck once spoke about a broken relationship with his father. who is now a sober but struggled with alcoholism throughout the actor’s childhood.

“My father has been conscious for over 30 years and I have a great respect for what it takes and what it means,” Affleck told People last year. “Part of being an adult is learning that your parents are just people. they are not perfect They did their best. as a child We expect perfection from our parents.”

Meanwhile, Affleck’s mother, Christine, appears to be out of her son’s personal life cycle. She was photographed with the actress’ quarantine girlfriend Ana De Armas last year. and joins his ex-wife Jennifer Garner in a family outing throughout the ex-lover’s decade-long marriage course.

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