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Beneil Dariush claps back on Tony Ferguson’s ‘d * ck move’ with students: ‘Why did you do that?’

Tony Ferguson came under fire at the UFC 262 press conference on Thursday, targeting every available on- and off-stage goal in Houston.

Of course, Ferguson focused his attention on his next opponent Beneil Dariush, who initially looked little surprised Ferguson was hit before Saturday’s pay-per-view fight at Toyota’s center in Hu. Stunned

Dariush was heated after he called attention to the fact that Ferguson appeared to be more interested in calling out former UFC champion Khabib Nurmaogmedov than to mention their teammates.

“I think Tony has to know I̵

7;m in front of him,” Darish told MMA Fighting. “Now he doesn’t have to worry about Khabib.”

“Hey, friend, I already know you helped Justin Geth J,” interrupted Ferguson. “You’re a little coward who went out there and helped him fight for the title. I didn’t know you did that, you listened to Ali Abdelaziz and he dealt with your ass. ”

As for Dariush, there was a very reasonable reason he came to ask Gaethje for his interim fight with Ferguson at UFC 248: he was asked.

“If you are going to ask for help from me, I will help you too,” he said.

Ferguson definitely ignored that gesture. The former interim champion who was defeated by Gaethje in his second devastation at the Provisional Gold, alleged Dariush conspired like his former homemate. Ultimate Fighter 13.

“What?” Dariush replied in disbelief.

“Basically, you can’t bring anyone into that octagon with you, kids,” Ferguson continues. “You think you know me. You want spinning, sh * t you think I’m unorthodox. Boy, I’ll hit you so hard. “

“I like Tony,” replied Dariush. “I want to see it. I want to see every bit of it … I hope you will show like you said “

“I’m going to slap you,” Ferguson said. “I’m going to hit you like I do for my students. I broke his f * cking rib. ”

“That’s a big-eyed move,” Dariush replied. “Why did you do that to your own students?”

“Because he made me do it,” Ferguson explains.

Dariush doesn’t seem to leave what Ferguson has to say under the skin at all. It was too far off the field on the left – or considering Ferguson’s character in the middle of the field – was too upset by any verbal jab that came his way.

It was enough to let Dariush join him in the fight. He never expected anything.

“Honestly, I’m not even sure what I’m going to get from Tony. But I’m glad I received it, ”he said.

As they confronted the camera, Ferguson bounced around as if he was warming up to scrap. But then he reached out and the two exchanged respect.

Sitting alongside Ferguson at a press conference is Charles Oliver, who will vie for the undisputed lightweight UFC title, a belt that has escaped him in his decades-long Octagon career. To get back on the path to gold, he’ll have to stop another fighter in Dariush who has won six straight.

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