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Bennett is ‘evil’ and ‘evil’ reformed Jew to rot, says Haredi MKs.

in a deadly attack on Tuesday. The leader of United’s ultra-Orthodox party Torah Judaism has condemned Yamina leader and likely Prime Minister Naftali Bennett as “evil”, saying his government would He “uprooted religion” and called on him to remove his yarmulke .

Speaking at the Knesset, Interior Minister and Leader Shas Arye Deri, M.K. Moshe Gafni, United Torah Judaism chairman and Housing and Construction Minister Yaakov Litzman accused reform of religion and state issues set out in the drafted coalition agreement. by the government that has just destroyed Jewish Characteristics of the State of Israel

“The name of evil will perish,” Gafni hinted, referring to Bennett and the proposed change in religion.

“We will not allow Judaism or those associated with religious and Orthodox communities to be harmed by the continuation of religious life,” the UTJ leader attacked.

Gafni compares Bennett to the biblical figure of Korach who rebelled against Moses and was swallowed up by the world. and called on Yamina voters and the people of Zionism. “Drive these people out of your midst.”


Deri denounced the proposed reforms as It also denounced the laws set out in the coalition agreement that would allow increased public transport and trade on the Sabbath. Changed the Election Commission for the Head Rabbi. Reform the governance provisions of kashrut, expand access to repentance. and allowing civil marriages in Israel

“It now appears that due to lust and personal ambitions The Bennett-led government will throw away all the values ​​that have been revered by Israel for thousands of years,” Deri said.

Litzman blamed the fictitious alliance as “Extremist government Leftists with no moral values ​​or compass,” and added that “all the Jews are being wiped out.”

Litzman said: “I asked Bennett to take his Yarmalke off. It was extremely careless. He should have taken off Yarmalke after signing these things,” Bennett responded to the attack. “I am very sorry to hear the harsh words used by MKs Gafni, Deri and Litzman. These are expressions that do not add respect. with them and reflecting on the lost emotions,” he recalled last year. When the government was formed and Yamina was abandoned While the ultra-Orthodox group still exists. “You don’t see me calling Gafni to remove his yarmulke. There’s a government. We’re not part of it. And the sun still shines in the morning.” Bennett said, “The ultra-Orthodox MK will never teach us what Judaism is and certainly not what Zionism is,” and took the opportunity to blame. They were implicit for the Maron plague, in which 45 mostly Orthodox men and boys died in April at the sanctuary suffering long-term neglect and The infrastructure was inadequate for the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims visiting the site.

“For the country’s ultra-Orthodox citizens I say you have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, last year has shown that you are truly paying with your life for a political culture of neglect. the preferences of close colleagues and the continuity of the problem,” Bennett said.

Leader Yamina has pledged to form a state investigative committee to investigate the Meron disaster.

UTJ MK Yakov Asher condemned Bennett for his warning, admonishing him that “You trade all the values ​​of you and that of your voters just for being Prime Minister is not enough. Are you still trying to trade for the blood of our deceased brothers from Maron?” “I don’t remember you ever talking to or working for Maron’s sake at the Knesset awake!”

Both UTJ’s side and Shas accused Bennett of being “The man responsible for dichotomy and hatred in Israel” and ridiculed him at “Now he gazes into the sky and speaks of unity and harmony.”

“You have lost all limitations and logic on the way to a momentary political complacency,” both sides said.

“As the title holder of the greatest liar in Israeli politics. We do not expect anything from you. and don’t trust you in anything.”

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