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Best Xbox Series Controllers of 2021: Xbox Series X / S Controller for All Gamers

If you’re ready to salvage the galaxy again in Halo Infinite or explore the worlds in Microsoft Flight Simulator, you’re going to need some of the best controllers you can get your hands on.Xbox fans often have a ton of options to choose from. The wheel pad or joystick and Xbox X / S build still keep this tradition different from the PS5.Players can bring their own old Xbox One controllers to their Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and there are also new options. As well, which gives Xbox gamers an almost overwhelming amount of controller options. So we’ve listed and picked our favorite controllers for a wide variety of budgets and games. Whether you’re looking for affordability, customization, or a competitive edge, we̵
7;re here to support you.

TL; DR – This is the best Xbox Series X / S controller:

1.Xbox Core controller

Best Xbox Series X / S Controllers

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Xbox Core controller

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The reigning champion, go-to gamepad for general use on Xbox and gaming PC. There isn’t much to say about the Core Controller (see our review), as it speaks for itself. It is a solidly built, reliable piece with standard settings that are friendly to many different hand sizes and control styles. Almost the same as the ideal Platonic of a game controller. There is nothing special about it as it doesn’t need any gimmicks to do what’s best. Just get the job done

One thing I’m not thrilled with is that AA batteries are required to play wirelessly. But if you get a rechargeable battery and a wall charger, you can charge one battery while you use the other and not have to buy the next big blister pack like 1999 or something. And the main controller comes with a USB-C plug that works with both PCs and consoles if you don’t want to have to deal with the battery at all.

2.PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

Best Budget Xbox Series X / S Controllers

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PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

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On the other side of PowerA’s Enhanced Wired Controller spectrum (see our review), it’s still a tradition to offer a cheaper option that still works. If you want to be a great companion with a full controller ready to go, whether your friend remembers bringing it or not, you might not want to split up the four Elite controllers, that would be a powerful move. So don’t let me tell you how to live your life if you were a ballerina like that.

But for the rest of us, these inexpensive workhorses are great for those P3 and P4 slots.They can withstand a lot of penalties and don’t feel as cheap as some of the other options in this price range. It also comes with a built-in share button and a microphone mute switch, which is great if your pet is demanding your attention during a match. The face buttons are less touching like those on the main controller But the overall ergonomics feel good.

3. Xbox Elite Series 2

Best High-End Xbox Series X / S Controllers

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Xbox Elite Series 2

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The Xbox Elite Series 2 (see our review) is a luxury sports car with an Xbox controller, it’ll cost you. Instead, you pay for premium components, customizability and a luxurious feel.The thumbsticks, D-pad and trigger are interchangeable so you can choose the one that works best for you. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 40 hours, so you won’t have to find a battery like you would with the Core controller.

It also comes with four additional paddles on the back that can be programmed to do things like change the functions of your face buttons when pressed and held. This is great if you’re on PC for games like Final Fantasy XIV, where you might be more capable than standard controllers can handle. All of this comes with a price tag that’s more than twice that of the main controller. But you get what you pay for

4.Razer Wolverine V2

The best customizable Xbox Series X / S controller

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Razer Wolverine V2

on Amazon

The Razer Wolverine (see our review), priced at a good mid-point between the Core and Elite Pads, the Razer Wolverine (see our review) is the overall best third-party pad for the Xbox. That’s the nonsense you’ve ever sent to your little brother during Halo’s night in the day, Razer has taken full advantage of it to make sure it hits or surpasses the official hardware Microsoft has brought out. use

Like you’d expect from Razer, this one is highly customizable. The face button is completely replaceable, and there is also a hair trigger mode that you can instantly activate using a physical switch. That means your LT and RT will register inputs with a few taps rather than having to push them all the way down, which is a big plus in fighting and shooting games. This is an ideal choice for competitive players who don’t want to gamble with an Elite controller but want more features the master controller can offer.

5.Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback

Best upgradeable Xbox Series X / S controller

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Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback

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The next Forza game might not have a release date yet. But there are tons of great driving games on Xbox and PC that perform best with just the right steering settings. Thrustmaster has always impressed me with the durability and feel of the components. When I shop from them, it feels like it’s coming off an industrial assembly line in a car factory, not from a toy store.TMX delivers a seriously realistic force response thanks to its well-tuned internal motor and wheel handle. Slippery, feels good.

There are only two pedals, so you shift gears using the included pedals instead. But it’s still pretty cheap for the quality you get for just $ 200, you can definitely spend more than that in a racing setup. I really like the button layout and layout because it looks more like what you see in a professional racing car compared to a standard controller.

6.Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS One

Best Xbox Series X / S Flight Stick

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Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS One

on Amazon

Microsoft Flight Simulator looks incredible on Xbox Series X and modern PCs, and for the right experience you will need to play with sticks and throttle thrustmaster. Bring a great all-in-one controller to your virtual cockpit with T-Flight HOTAS. One, which is easy enough for even the brand-new pilots to use it quickly. But still satisfying for a seasoned ace

This is a one-piece controller that’s perfect for console gaming and has a very modern and streamlined look that doesn’t seem out of place when sitting around your living room. The switches and buttons, both the stem and the accelerator, are raised and shaped in such a way that you can easily find them without looking down, which can be harder than on other sticks like Logitech’s, where all the buttons feel the same. There is also a Share button built into the base for capturing beautiful landscapes that you will hover around that most PC-made sticks don’t.

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