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Beyoncé and Jay Z buy the most expensive Rolls-Royce tails in the world.

Earlier this week, Rolls-Royce launched the first in a long time a coach building program, and the first of a series of three sailing commissions called Boat Tail, and it is a gorgeous outrageous vehicle. And painfully expensive, which has already won the title of the most expensive new car in the world.

With a price tag of 20 million pounds ($ 28.4 million), Boat Tail is definitely expensive. It beat previous record holders such as the Bugatti Voiture Noire (€ 16.5 million / US $ 20.2 million) and the Rolls-Royce 2017 Sweptail coach (£ 10 million / US $ 14.2 million) and it now maintains the number one position.

The Boat Tail is not just the most expensive new car in the world and is going to be the next step in Rolls-Royce needs. But also a real engineering miracle. Find inspiration in marine design and aim to be more than just a destination. But it̵

7;s the destination, with a gorgeous picnic set in the back that’s applied at the touch of a button. This sounds in writing, so think of it as a 4-year and $ 28 million picnic set to bring it into reality to enjoy the Cote d’Azur.

So the question arises: Who is in control of this car? Rolls-Royce can only say The “Patron” is a power couple known all over the world for their work and curation of art.Their passion is to create a life response of hard work, earned success and desired celebration. ” The brand earlier this week. “Their Rolls-Royce tails should be fun, a festive car to have fun with their families.”

The same model identifies blue as the favorite color of the two clients, as is the common love of fine champagne. They like having their champagne cool to 6 degrees Celsius, which leads to precisely the inclusion of a Boat Tail refrigerator that does just that.

Industry reports named this power couple Jay Z and Beyonce, and according to the advice put out by Rolls-Royce above, the description is synonymous. The couple are passionate about champagne-loving boats and have been outspoken for all things blue since their daughter Blue Ivy was born. “I think this great car was hired by Beyonce and Jay Z, with all the details matching what they love.” The spies told The Telegraph Rolls-Royce would not comment on the report.

Most importantly, with a combined net worth of $ 1.9 billion, Jay and Bey are wealthy enough to spend their fortune on the car they want.They might even have a picnic once.

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