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Biden Abolishes Military-Funded Border Wall Program

President BidenJoe Biden, American for Prosperity, launched a campaign targeting six Democrats to maintain a broader split of Washington-Turkey – but it is up to Turkey to sustain the division of income. Consumer pay soared in March due to a more resurgent stimulus bill. It is canceling a project to build a wall along the southern border using a changing defense fund and will use some of the funds to counter environmental damage from the construction of the wall.

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1;President TrumpDonald Trump Washington parted ways with Turkey broader – but it’s up to Turkey to maintain a rift, tomorrow’s special election in Texas is Democrats’ best hope in. 2021 Giuliani to Tucker Carlson: ‘no reason’ for more FBI attacks It has transferred billions in defense and military construction to the construction of a wall using emergency powers after Congress refused to directly fund the project.

“In line with the president’s statement ending the redirection of funds for the border wall, there will be no more transfers from other purposes to the building of the border wall,” Biden administration official said Friday. “Today, the Department of Defense will begin to cancel all wall projects using the transferred funds and will work to refund military construction that has not yet been authorized to return for a reasonable purpose as permitted by law.”

A Defense Department spokesman said the money would be returned to the account designated for “Military schools, overseas military construction projects in allied countries, and the National Guard and Reserve Equipment Accounts,” but added that the department is reviewing the program to determine priorities.

Entering the office, Biden canceled a state of emergency Trump announced along the southern border and temporarily halted wall construction to carry out inspections, although the 60-day period of the investigation had long passed.

Republicans in Congress have accused Biden of illegally suspending Congress-approved funds and that the Government Accountability Office is making a report that the suspension is legitimate under the Detention Control Act. Or not

Sen. James Rich (Idaho), a top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the move would affect national security.

“This is a bad decision,” Risch tweeted.

The administration said on Friday it would spend $ 1.4 billion appropriate for the wall to repair environmental damage from construction, such as flood barriers in the Rio Grande Valley and sand erosion in Sandi. Ego

The issue of wall funding, one of the most iconic policies of the Trump era, has been a central issue between Democrats and Republicans for the past four years.

Trump has regularly asked North for $ 5 billion a year to disappoint Democrats.

In order to pass the expense bill, which requires 60 votes in the Senate, Democrats and Republicans often compromise on significantly lower numbers, with a caveat about what can be. Can be built or supplemented with funds

However, in late 2018, Trump threatened to veto spending money due to a lack of funding that led to the 35-day shutdown of the government, the longest in the country’s history. When it was over, he declared a state of emergency and announced that he would redirect defense funds and other government funding to building a wall.

Democrats and outside groups have successfully challenged the military’s money diversion to the wall in court.

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