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Biden aims to vaccinate 160 million adults by July 4.

Washington – President Biden has set a new goal of 160 million adults in the United States to be fully vaccinated and 70% of adults at least 70% partially vaccinated by July 4, increasing efforts to reach rural areas and communities. With rate COVID-19 vaccination lag

“As we anticipated, advances in vaccination are slowing, now that most American adults get their first shot,” Biden said in a White House speech. Adults are most eager to get vaccinated, and at that point, the effort will change … Now we’ll have to get the vaccine to the less active. ”

Biden said the management was going to It “made it easier than ever”

; to shoot as the United States entered a “new phase” of the vaccination campaign.

The president said the administration is launching a new effort to meet his goals, ordering pharmacies to offer walk-in vaccines, install mobile vaccination clinics, increase funding for community outreach and encourage young people to receive. Vaccination If and when it’s approved for use in adolescent immunizations, he directs Americans to the new website, Vaccines.gov, to find nearby vaccination sites.

WATCH: Biden Targets Vaccination on July 4th


As of Monday, more than 104 million adults, or 40% of the adult population, were fully vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) .The percentage of adults who had at least one shot stood at 56.3%.

The Food and Drug Administration is Expected to allow Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines for use by teenagers early next week. The president said the administration was prepared to begin vaccinating young people as soon as the agency approved its use.

“I want American parents to know that if any announcements are made, we are ready to act immediately … to build about 20,000 pharmacies across the country ready to vaccinate those teenagers as soon as the Organization Food and drug approval, ”said Biden.

The new push to reach the unvaccinated comes as states have slowed to lift restrictions related to the outbreak and the need for fires, the Biden administration. Tell government officials On Tuesday, the vaccine dosage was changed to allow unsorted shots to be sent to other states with higher demand, officials familiar with the plan told CBS News.

Under the new plan, if a state does not require as many volumes as allocated by population, these volumes will be shifted to new federal pools where other states may have higher demand. Officials said the state could place orders for up to 50% of the weekly allocation. But they stress that it is not a system. “Use it or lose it”

At least 25 states have told CBS News that they are not ordering all available quantities allocated to them this week.

The president said changing the focus to convince Americans to get the vaccine was easier than the administration’s early efforts to increase vaccine production and distribution. But accepts the challenge of convincing skeptical Americans to get the picture.

“I think at the end of the day, most people will be convinced of the fact that not getting vaccinated can make people sick and possibly even death,” Biden said. And on one hand, it’s easier because I don’t have to put together this huge logistical effort. But on the other hand, it’s more difficult – it’s beyond my personal control. ”

The CDC released an updated guideline last week detailing activities in which vaccinated people can return to work safely, including relaxation, use of masks in outdoor settings. More than 577,000 Americans died from the virus and nearly 30,000 new cases were reported Monday, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Corey Rangel, Ed O’Keefe and Max Bayer contributed to the report.

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