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Biden arrives with calls for Britain to settle Brexit dispute over Northern Ireland | Brexit

Senior US diplomat in London, backed by US national security adviser Jake Sullivan, directly warned Britain’s Brexit negotiator Lord Frost that He will ignite tensions in Northern Ireland. If he doesn’t compromise on border checks

A meeting between US charge d’affaires Yael Lampert, now America’s most senior diplomat in London and Frost, led to US calls. Let the UK make an agreement with the European Union. According to internal records of the UK government

However, US officials question whether the United States Has it issued an official measure for the UK? A rare rebuke between two such close allies, the United States has said its role is to encourage compromise from all sides.

Speaking at an Air Force One briefing before Joe Biden’s arrival in the UK on Wednesday evening, Sullivan said: “Any step to thwart or undermine the Good Friday Agreement will not be tolerated.” will not be welcomed by the US

He declined to say that this was what he thought of Boris. Johnson is doing it, adding: “The president has not issued any threats or ultimatums … [he] It is clear about his firm belief in the Good Friday Agreement that laid the foundation for peaceful coexistence in Northern Ireland. The agreement must be protected.”

top US officials Addressing the issue that “Participation is not increased or controlled by Biden.” We had direct diplomatic conversations. Jake Sullivan addressed these issues in his interview with the BBC, addressing the same issues we have personally texted.”

Although the UK is adamant it is seeking a friendly agreement with the EU. And the UK’s stance does not challenge the deal. But the tone of the United States It pointed out that Biden’s management paid close attention to the details of the negotiations. Because the UK has an official role in supporting good friday deal

Biden’s affection for Ireland from which his ancestors came from. And doubts about Brexit’s wisdom are almost uncovered. But he has always admitted that Britain has the right to leave the European Union. There are some indications in the UK government’s note that the US Be ready to hang free trade agreements as an incentive if Britain compromises on the legitimacy of border checks in Northern Ireland to safeguard the integrity of the single market.

US warning It comes as direct talks between the EU and the UK on Northern Ireland are nearing collapse. London said it was still considering unilateral action to prevent supplies from flowing from Great Britain into the region. The talks are designed to amend the Northern Ireland protocol. which sets the post-Brexit trade border between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

Maroš Šefčovič, vice-president of the European Commission, said the tolerance was “extremely thin” and described the relationship with the UK as: “At the crossroads”

Amid fears that the escalating crisis in Northern Ireland will develop into a trade war Frost said There was “no progress” over the Brexit review, but there was no “failure” after a two-hour meeting with Šefčovič in London.

They agreed to continue trying to find a solution before June 30, when chilled meats, including sausages and ground meat, were banned.

On Wednesday evening, Johnson confirmed that there was no crisis. “I’m very optimistic about this. I think it is easy,” he said, referring to the issue at the heart of the Irish border talks two years ago: border protection on the island of Ireland while protecting UK intra-UK trade after Brexit.

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