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Biden called on the Senate to go into the action along with ‘Other urgent businesses’ of the country

As he said in a statement on Wednesday that the House vote “To prosecute and hold the president accountable” to “a bipartisan vote by members who adhere to the constitution and conscience.” Biden wants to affect the wider economy. And a public health initiative when he takes over next week. He said the Senate must be able to follow up on Trump’s impeachment hearing while working on his agenda.

“The country is still in the grip of a terrible virus and a swirling economy,” Biden continued. Other urgent businesses of this country too “

The House voted 232 to 197 on Wednesday to impeach Trump, with 10 GOP lawmakers joining all Democrats to impeach Trump on charges. It was the first time there were two impeachments of a president, a process that was carried over to the Senate, where it was “inciting riots”. A trial will be made

Biden made it clear that he was not particularly enthusiastic about the Trump impeachment, having remained silent for hours in the historic action. The aide told CNN the president-elect was planning to make a statement Wednesday night on the president’s impeachment. But the timing underscores Biden’s team’s other priorities on Wednesday.

But the truth is, impeachment will be another thing Biden inherited from President Trump.

He is still awaiting speech on whether the Senate will be able to pursue the impeachment, along with cabinet hearings and the COVID-19 law, which he plans to draft in more detail on Thursday evening. The aide said Biden and his team are working behind the scenes with the Senate Democrats – and the House Litigation Manager – to make the impeachment hearing as fast as possible, although that remains an open question. How successful it will be

At least four confirmed hearings for Biden’s cabinet nominees are scheduled for the week of January 20, Antony Blinken, Defense Minister Lloyd Austin nominee for Defense Minister Janet. Yellen, Treasury Secretary’s Nominee, and Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Minister’s Nominee. Senators could be called on to bill bills related to the pandemic or economic mitigation as Biden wants to increase relief checks to $ 2,000.

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