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Biden calls Netanyahu to condolences Mount Meron’s stampede.

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Israel panicked: Netanyahu vows to investigate.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for a day of mourning every year after at least 45 people were killed in a crowded religious festival in the early hours of Friday. Visiting the site hours later, he was angry at the protesters but vowed to discover the cause of the serious incident: “We will carry out a thorough, serious and in-depth investigation to ensure that such disasters do not occur. Another “Tens of thousands of Ultra Orthodox Jews have gathered at Mount Meron̵

7;s grave for the annual Lag B’Omer Memorial, which includes all night prayer and dance. Stand still gathered despite warnings to keep a social distance from COVID-19, the stampede took place on the men’s section at the festival, according to Doctors and deaths, including children, were suffocated or trampled in crowded corridors, and some went unnoticed until the PA system called out to disperse.More than 100 people were injured and the video. on Social media showed a man trying to push on an iron wall to escape the freakish guy lying on a hammock in a corridor covered with foil. Heim Cohen was among the attendees: “I was there. When it really happened on the side. It started when a few doctors started running, and then there was a lot of chaos, the police screamed in a big mess, and after half an hour it looked like a suicide bombing. “The total capacity at Mount Meron was similar to previous years, but the area of ​​the fire was divided this time as a defense against Israeli media COVID-19.” Said it could cause an unexpected blockage in pedestrian traffic. The Justice Department said investigators would investigate whether police misconduct was involved in the tragedy.

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