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Biden canceled his visit to the vaccine maker after making a sudden report.

President Biden left a trip to the vaccine maker on Wednesday after horrific reports said the lobbying of the company had left the federal pharmaceuticals unprepared for the COVID-19 outbreak.

Biden was scheduled to visit a plant in Baltimore operated by Emergent BioSolutions, but he canceled the trip, according to reports on Sunday.

“We just felt [the White House] It’s a more appropriate place to hold a meeting, ”White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday in her daily briefing.

“The administration is going to conduct a comprehensive inspection and audit of the national treasury,” she said.

Johnson & Johnson and Merck CEOs are expected to meet with Biden to discuss the third U.S.-approved release of the COVID-1

9 vaccine.Emergent is working with those companies under the Operation Warp Speed ​​contract. Federal It was not clear whether emergency representatives would attend the White House meeting after the location change.

The New York Times reports that Emergent’s long-term sales of anthrax vaccine, backed by a $ 3 million annual lobbying budget since 2010, spent a large amount on procurement before the outbreak of the New York Times. Strategic National Stockpile

President Joe Biden speaks from the state dining room after passing the American Senate Aid Plan at the White House.
President Joe Biden speaks from the state dining room at the White House after passing the American aid plan in the Senate.
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Last year, while nurses wore garbage bags due to a shortage of protective equipment, the company sold $ 626 million of the anthrax vaccine that would cost the government if it didn’t use it.

The anthrax vaccine only slightly improved patient outcomes when supplemented with low-cost antibiotics, the report said. But the company’s anthrax vaccine has increased 40 percent of the nation’s treasury funding from 2010 to 2018, although there have been no anthrax attacks since the 2001 mail campaign that killed people. 5 people

It was reported that Emergent had earned up to 75 percent of the profits from the anthrax vaccine, a license it bought in 1998 from Michigan before raising the price. It was reportedly cut efforts by competitors to produce a second vaccine.

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