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Biden defends Americans’ right to vote ‘freely’ on Memorial Day remarks.

President Biden on Monday emphasized the right of Americans to vote. They were “freely”, “fair” and “convenient” during the Memorial Day speech, which came a day after Texas Democrats held a mass walkout to thwart an election overhaul. big time

Biden, speaking from Arlington National Cemetery in a speech to Armed Forces members and the Gold Star family, said our honoring the U.S. military would be an understatement. who died in conflicts and wars around the world “It will decide whether democracy is sustainable or not.”

“Democracy thrives when its democratic infrastructure is strong,” Biden said, “when people have free, fair and convenient voting rights.”

“When an independent and independent media seeks the truth based on facts It̵

7;s not propaganda,” Biden added. “When the rule of law applies equally and fairly to all citizens no matter where they come from What does it look like?”

Biden’s speech came as Republican-led state legislatures across the U.S. It seeks to impose new restrictions on voters that critics say disproportionately affect communities of color.

In Texas, Democrats walked out of the Government House just before midnight on Sunday to thwart the passage of a sweeping election overhaul package that they claim would be a new obstacle to voting in the United States. future elections Especially for low-income voters and people with disabilities.

Among the proposed changes to the bill are restrictions on early and sideways voting and a temporary ban on outdoor polling places. The law also prohibits the use of 24-hour early voting, which is widely used in Texas’ Harris County. in which Biden won the 2020 presidential election.

Biden broke the Texas law in a statement on Saturday, calling it “a shambles”. “Not American”

“Today, the Texas legislature submitted a joint bill with Georgia and Florida to push for state laws that attack the sacred right to vote,” he said. We’ve seen that too often this year—and often disproportionately targeting black and brown Americans.”

In the 21st century, we should make it easier for all voters to vote, not harder,” he added.

During his Memorial Day speech, Biden lamented that “generations of American heroes have signed up to be part of the fight because they understand the truth that lives in the hearts of all Americans.”

“Emancipation, opportunity and justice are more likely to occur in democracy than dictatorship,” he added. “If everyone is holy and everyone’s rights are holy personal dignity personal value personal sanctity the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

“We say those words a lot, but think about it, voting rights. The right to grow in a world where your talent can lead you. It is not limited by unfair barriers to privilege and power,” Biden said. “That is the principle of democracy.”

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