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Biden DOJ Takes Trump Liability Stance in E. Jean Carroll Defamation Case

The Department of Justice (DOJ) on Monday evening argued to defend the former. President TrumpDonald TrumpMo Brooks served with the Swalwell lawsuit, the Democratic Congressional Election hearing finds the party lacking a message on the economy and recovery from the 2020 pandemic. In the lawsuit filed by E. Jean Carroll, who accused Trump of raping her in 1

990 by federal lawyers, accepted the idea that Trump could not sue for defamation of statements he made while in office.

The New York Times reported that the DOJ, which first weighed in on the case, under President BidenJoe BidenFauci and Jill Biden visit a vaccine manufacturing facility in New York. More than 100 former world leaders urged G7 countries to pay for COVID-19 vaccines worldwide, Ukrainian president urged Biden to meet with him ahead of summit with Putin.It appears to adopt Trump’s stance that his words about Carroll are protected as part of his official duties as president. Although admitting that his words The position could lead to Carroll’s dismissal, the Times reported.

Carroll filed a lawsuit against Trump in 2019 for denying ever meeting her after she claimed in the book that he raped her in a New York department store dressing room decades ago. Trump denied the attack in an interview in the Oval Office that year. and later released a statement claiming that Carroll lied.

The case creeps through New York state courts to the former Attorney General. William BarrBill BarrRepublicans Targeting the role of Trump critics at the DOJ, the DOJ watchdog was urged to investigate the lawyers behind Barr memo redactions. The DOJ asked the judge to dismiss Barr’s case against Trump for further clearing of Lafayette Square. In September, the case was transferred to a federal court. which allowed Trump’s Justice Department to represent him in the case.

in november Before Trump leaves office The first federal judge to hear the case ruled that the DOJ could not defend Trump and obstruct the Department’s efforts to intervene in the case. allowing the case to continue The Justice Department appealed the decision, with many observers expecting Biden’s DOJ to settle the case, the Times said.

In April, Carroll urged the DOJ under Biden’s administration not to defend Trump in her lawsuit against him. Carroll’s lawyers wrote that Trump’s arguments should be protected from impeachment because his presidential status is “wrong.”

But Justice Department attorneys briefly argued Monday that Trump acts within the confines of his office. when he denied from the White House that he raped Carol.

“Elected government officials can — and often have to — address allegations of personal misconduct that raise doubts about their suitability to hold office,” DOJ attorneys argued in the filing. on monday “Officers don’t step outside the boundaries of the office just because they are. answer questions about the allegations about their personal lives.”

As the Times reported, the DOJ’s decision to adopt Trump’s stance in the case surprised Carroll’s lawyers.

“As women across the country are standing up and holding men accountable for assault,” Carroll told the Times on Monday, “the DOJ is trying to stop me from having the same rights.”

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