Biden also honored his son Bo, who was a veteran of the Iraq War and died after battling brain cancer in 201


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WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden hailed the armed forces in his Remembrance Day speech on Sunday. by calling those who wear uniforms “Solid spine of this country”

“As a nation We must always remember, always remember, we must remember the price paid for our freedom. We have to remember the debts we owe to those who have paid and the families left behind,” Biden said at an event at the Delaware Memorial Bridge Veterans Memorial Park.

memorial day Celebrate the last Monday of May To commemorate the lives of military personnel who died during active duty, Biden, whose son Bo was an Iraq War veteran and died after battling brain cancer in 2015, citing losses in his homestead.

“As many of you know today was a very difficult day for us. Today six years ago Hunter lost his father. And I lost my son,” Biden said, referring to his nephew Hunter, who was sitting next to him.

“I know how painful the loss is,” Biden said. “I know the black hole it left in the middle of your chest. I felt like I was being sucked in and not coming out.”

Delaware Gov. John Carney and Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del. also attended the event. Carper led the crowd to recite the constitution preface before Biden’s speech.

Biden also referred to his upcoming June 16 summit with President Vladimir. Russia’s Putin and a recent conversation with President Xi. China’s Jinping He told attendees he continued to emphasize the importance of human rights to the two leaders.

The service ended with a salute with 21 guns in the pouring rain over the Delaware River.

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